Frame Trends For Men

Frame Trends For Men That You Need To Look Out For! There are some frame trends and styles that are on the rise, so if you’re in the market for some new frames, you need to be aware of what’s coming so that you don’t get caught off guard by the latest and greatest trends on the market today. If you’re not sure what we mean, then read on to learn 5 frame trends that are important to look out for when shopping around for your next pair of glasses, sunglasses or even safety glasses.

1) Square Frames

When it comes to men’s eyewear, you can always go with a square frame. As for your face shape, choose one that complements yours. If you have a thin face, then choosing a rectangular frame is perfect. 

On the other hand, if your facial features are more angular and angular in general, then consider one with curved corners such as aviators or teardrop. This will visually add width to your face and make you appear more masculine. With these tips at hand, there’s no doubt that finding quality frames for men has never been easier!

2) Cat Eye Frames

Ever since Audrey Hepburn made them famous in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, cat eye glasses have been wildly popular among women. But now they’re not just for girls. Taking inspiration from their female counterparts, men are opting to go for a less severe and more modern design than their usual frames.

 Alongside being a super-trendy look, it also helps with peripheral vision when on court or at work. Plus, if you break or lose your glasses while playing sports (or shopping), you can easily switch out your lenses with a set of replacement lenses so you don’t miss any game time! We recommend using prescription lenses as they offer great clarity and are specifically designed to provide better protection against breaking.

 A Full Rim Frame: A full rim frame offers coverage across most of your face, which makes it ideal for everyday wear – whether that’s going about town or attending important meetings at work.

These days, there are countless variations of these styles; anything from semi-rimless styles to full plastic rims will do! Our recommendation is to pick a frame that fits nicely with your style and personality; we suggest finding one that works well with your facial structure and has an aesthetic that complements your wardrobe choices. In other words, think about how you want others to perceive you before choosing a frame that makes a statement about who you are.

3) High Index Lenses

When it comes to your glasses, it’s best to go with high index lenses if you want a thinner overall profile. High index (1.67+) lenses are super light and they’re designed to make sure your glasses look their best from all angles. The other benefit of high index lenses is that they offer you great optical clarity—so there’s no reason not to opt for them if possible. It’s time for an upgrade—get yourself some nice, lightweight high index specs today!

4) Tapered Lenses

Replace Your Glasses With Lenses In A Squarer Shape. The rectangular shape has always been a style option, but it’s no longer just for hipsters or slick corporate types. Wider faces and narrow eyes have found that tapered lenses can make them look younger and more awake.

A tapered pair of replacement lenses can help you create an illusion that your face is more slender than it is by making your eyes appear larger than they are. Additionally, they’re great if you want to soften up round features or create a signature look of your own. If you don’t like how bold square frames look on you, a pair of glasses with tapered lenses might be exactly what you need to break out of your rut and go for something new.

5) Super Thin Frames

Fashion-forward glasses are made from super thin materials, so you don’t need to worry about them feeling heavy or weighing you down. This is great for men who are active and want to avoid letting their eyewear slow them down. 

They’re also a good choice if you have a delicate face and find that most frames look too boxy on your features. While they may be trendy right now, they won’t seem dated in 5 years like some other styles might—which makes them a smart investment in terms of your style portfolio.

 If you wear prescription lenses, make sure to get super thin replacement lenses that fit into your frames perfectly. Many manufacturers use different sizes for lenses based on frame size (smaller lenses go into smaller frames), so ask your eye doctor to match your frame size exactly when you order new ones. Otherwise, you risk having to deal with gaps between your regular lens and what’s in stock at an optical shop. 

The Clubmaster: The Clubmaster style isn’t just popular with hipsters anymore—it’s become a classic piece that everyone should own at least one pair of. It was first popularized by Ray Ban back in 1954, but many brands offer versions today including Oliver Peoples, Cutler & Gross and Warby Parker. Even though it’s been around for over 60 years now, it’s still as stylish as ever because it works well with any outfit.

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