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A whiteboard is a good way for a team to work together. Here are the best free digital whiteboard apps that you can use online.

A whiteboard is an essential office tool for team collaboration. Now that the workplace has moved to a remote location, it is time to adopt online whiteboards. Here are the top free digital whiteboard applications.

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Microsoft and Google have their own whiteboard systems, Microsoft Whiteboard and Jamboard, respectively. While these technologies have their advantages, especially if you’re already a part of the ecosystems of these companies, they may not be suitable for you. If so, here are some free alternatives to whiteboards.

1.  Dojoit – The Fastest Collaborative Web Whiteboard

My top recommendation for a bidirectional/multidirectional real-time online whiteboard is the first tool on the list. The domain is DOJOIT.COM.

#Dojoit is simple and quick for everyone to voice their thoughts. It is a real-time collaboration with others. Let’s demonstrate how straightforward it is to establish a board from the dashboard.


Introduction to the Dojoit Online Discussion Board

Let’s add a new member to our board. They will receive an instantaneous invitation, and any collaborator can be either a contributor or a watcher. You may then view everyone’s pointers in real-time and, if desired, mute them.

Additionally, you can send the board’s unique URL to anyone who can request access to illustrate.

How user-friendly DOJOIT.COM is.

Let’s create a simple mind map about several sorts of fruit.

Simply position the mouse cursor anywhere on the whiteboard and begin typing to add content! Let’s draw some forms from the tool palette, and then select any shape to draw it even more quickly using auto shape.

Begin by picking the pen tool, and then draw; auto shape will automatically generate beautiful lines and forms in a hand-drawn style. With auto shape, you never have to move between tools; you can text and draw simultaneously without any friction.

You can add images to the board instantly. You can either drag and drop or paste an image. Once the image has been inserted, you can move and resize it as needed.

What if you wish to replicate board objects? We have also made this incredibly quickly: Select one or more objects and then click the arrows adjacent to the object you wish to duplicate in the direction of the arrow.

To communicate even faster, Dojoit has add-ons like –

  1. icons,
  2. stickers,
  3. wireframe,
  4. elements and templates.

To swiftly illustrate an idea, simply drag an icon. Add a sticker to the board to recognize your team’s efforts. If you want to share a snapshot of your board with anyone without requiring them to log in to Dojoit, you may use the publish tool to generate a URL that you can give to anyone or share on social media.

It is the simplest way to make a simple web page for anything, and the best part is that “no coding is necessary.”

Start using #Dojoit and see how simple it is to capture ideas, discuss them in real-time with others, and publish your work for the world to see.

Dojoit – Love to live it!

2. Miro (Web, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS): The Best Digital Whiteboard App

Miro makes it simple for novices to use a digital whiteboard, even if they have never used one before. It can be used on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, but touchscreens are optimal.

On the main whiteboard, you can insert various templates, including kanban boards, flowcharts, and mind maps. The remaining whiteboard space is left blank, and multiple templates can be inserted. Utilizing diverse brainstorming techniques on a digital whiteboard is a fantastic system.

Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of Miro. You and your team members can chat, send messages, add comments, leave sticky notes, and create a centralized meeting note. You can also link and embed in team applications such as Slack. Additionally, the premium version offers video chat, voting, and screen sharing.

Miro is the best whiteboard app for desktop and mobile devices. It has more features than any other app on the market. Many of these features are limited in the free version, making it ideal for individuals or small teams. If you need a whiteboard app for more than three people, consider paying for Miro or one of the other options in this article.

3. NoteBookCast (Web): A Simple and Effortless Whiteboard Tool

When attempting to collaborate, technology is the last thing you want to deal with. Finding a tool that works in one browser but is cumbersome in another is a hassle. Or locating a tool that is compatible with multiple operating systems. NoteBookCast eliminates all of this. It is compatible with any device running a modern browser.

Simply visit the site, give your whiteboard a name, select a size, and you’re good to go. You can draw shapes, add text, and even draw freehand. You can also store and share files and conduct text-based conversations.

Sharing your whiteboard with others is, in fact, incredibly simple. Simply send them the link, and they will be able to view and edit your work immediately. No registration is necessary.

4. Witeboard (Web): Automatic Shape Detection for Good-looking Whiteboards

Witeboard integrates with Slack, empowering your team’s chat application. However, Witeboard’s primary function is shape detection.

Using a trackpad or mouse to draw on a digital whiteboard is less accurate than drawing by hand on a traditional whiteboard. However, when you trace the approximate shape of a circle or rectangle on Witeboard, it automatically converts it into a circle or rectangle with a perfect shape. You obtain an attractive virtual whiteboard instead of one with poorly drawn figures and shapes.

To draw figures without shape detection, you can also use keyboard shortcuts. Click and then draw the figure by pressing R for a rectangle, C for a circle, and Shift for a straight line.

Witeboard also stores the boards you’ve created in your browser’s cache, so you don’t have to remember the link or search for it again. These boards will be deleted if the cache is cleared.

This free whiteboard app is as simple as Microsoft Whiteboard or Google’s digital whiteboard apps, and registration is not required. If you need a whiteboard extension for Google Meet video calls, you can open Witeboard in a separate tab and share the screen with other participants. It works flawlessly.

5. Ryeboard (Web): Add Images to a Digital Whiteboard

When the whiteboard becomes digital, it makes sense to incorporate additional digital elements. Why can’t you add a photo to your online whiteboard? Ryeboard is the appropriate app for attaching images.

Ryeboard offers three types of digital whiteboard elements: notes, images, and drawings. Drag and drop the component onto the canvas, add text and pictures, or begin drawing freehand. You can change the size of the note or image and then lock it on the screen. Photos must be uploaded from your hard drive, as Ryeboard does not permit direct link grabbing.

Similar to the others, your digital whiteboard can be shared online via a simple link. To use Ryeboard, registration is required.

Utilize Free Meeting Tools to Facilitate Cooperation

A digital whiteboard is an excellent tool for distributed or primarily online-based teams. You should combine it with free online meeting tools to ensure perfect team harmony; that way, you can simultaneously brainstorm, chat, and see each other.

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