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Discover how to configure your Google Business Profile to provide automated responses to inquiries posed by customers.

You will soon be able to use a new feature that Google is rolling out for Business Profiles that will allow you to set up automated responses to queries that are commonly asked by customers.

When someone messages your company using your Google Business Profile, you can provide suggestions for questions that they might ask by utilizing this tool. Comparable to the operation of a chatbot that provides customer assistance on websites for businesses.

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In addition, you have the ability to programme automated responses to the queries being asked, just like a chatbot might.

I was able to verify that the new function of automatic FAQs for Google ads service agency Business Profiles exists by accessing this help page through the Wayback Machine. There has been no official announcement made regarding the addition of the new feature. Because cached versions of the page from the previous month do not have the section on frequently asked questions (FAQs), this indicates that the launch took place in the most recent few weeks.

The following is further information regarding the operation of automated FAQs as well as instructions on how to set them up for your company.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Automating Frequently Asked Questions on Your Google Business Profile

When customers start a chat with a company through their profile on Google, businesses now have the ability to pre-populate a list of questions for those customers to ask.

You have the ability to draught an answer for each inquiry that will be sent out automatically, removing the need for the client to wait for a response.

If you find that many of your customers have the same questions, you have a fantastic opportunity to save time and serve your consumers in a more effective manner by creating a FAQ.

This function also enables you to direct customers away from Google pay per click and towards your own website. Because responses can include links, you are allowed to point them to a section of your website that addresses the issues they have raised.

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