Goread.io – Best Alternative and Similar Sites

So you are looking for the best sites to grow your social media account? Goread.io is a trustworthy site for buying cheap and high-quality followers, but there is no scarcity of options.

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In case you want to know a few more sites that offer social media services, the two best alternatives are listed here. These sites might not be better than Goread.io, but they are sure as good as this site.


Sociallym is amongst the most reliable and popular sites to get social media growth services. The site and its services are quite different from other companies. Besides offering affordable packages for increasing your likes and followers, the site takes great care when it comes to growing your social media account. Their services cautiously analyze your social media profile, its followers, popularity and level of engagement, and accordingly, offer you the likes or followers that will take the engagement on your profile to another level.

Compared to Goread.io, Sociallym offers all kinds of services related to social media such as followers for Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, Spotify, etc. Whereas in Goread.io, the services are only restricted to Instagram, as you can use all services serving Instagram growth such as increasing Instagram story views, customizing comments, automating likes, and more. So if you want all-around social media services, then Sociallym is the best alternative to go for. However, when it comes to cost, Goread.io is cheaper as they offer 1000 Instagram likes for USD 6.99, and at Sociallym, you can get 1000 Instagram likes for USD 10. There is a slight price difference, but their services are the same, and Sociallym has more to offer, and thus, is the best alternative for Goread.io

  • Sociallym offers extensive customer support to serve its customers.
  • They offer flexible modes of payments on their SSL encrypted website.
  • They provide for the fast delivery of the full package and you can get it in 24 hours.


Famups is an excellent alternative for Goread.io. The prompt results and the efficiency of the services make it a top choice for social media promoters. They also offer a free trial so you can test their services before buying. They offer services for growing your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to help you grow your likes, views, and followers. Famups offer its services at reasonable rates which makes it a good platform for small businesses as well. As soon as you make the purchase, you can expect the likes to shower in within 2 hrs, the rate of likes or the social media activity you purchased is based on the customer preferences.

You can delay the speed of your package delivery according to your liking. Comparing the packages, you can get Instagram followers from them by paying USD 12 for 1000 followers. Whereas on Goread.io, you can get the same by spending USD 8.59. Goread.io offers a cheaper price, but considering the services, Famups provide a good social media service or even better. Since it is a known company operating in this industry for past many years. You are sure to get genuine likes or followers on your account. They even offer to customize your plan and drop protection in case you need it.

  • Famups offers quick delivery services and the plans are delivered within minutes.
  • They have an efficient provident 24*7 live support to respond to customers’ queries.
  • They have a secured payment gateway and flexible modes of payments.

These two sites are the best alternative for Goread.io, especially if you are looking for sites that provide for excellent Instagram growth services. Their prices are affordable, and they provide for fast delivery of the package as well.

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