Grind Coffee Without A Grinder

On our website, we’ve already talked about how to make coffee without a coffee maker. Now, we’re going to talk about something even harder: can coffee be ground without a grinder? Rarely does someone who usually makes coffee at home not have a grinder, but let’s say something unexpected happens.

We might get a package of coffee beans as a gift, as part of a promotion, or as a gift, but we might not have a coffee grinder at home. Or if we have it, but when it’s time to make our daily cup of coffee, we find that it’s broken or not working right.

Well, giving up coffee is the best thing to do right away. But if you want to try to grind it, or at least get something close to a proper grind, we’ll tell you how to grind coffee beans without a grinder.

Alternatives for grinding coffee beans without a grinder at home

Before we try any of these methods, we should know that the result won’t be a normal grind, and we won’t be able to control how thick it is. So, this alternative grinding (or whatever you want to call it) won’t work the same depending on what kind of coffee you want to make later.

Once we know how we’re going to do things, we’ll look at some “do-it-yourself” ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder.

With a mallet or hammer

We start off badly. If you don’t have a grinder at home, you can try grinding the coffee with a mallet or a makeshift hammer. Because the grains are so hard, you won’t be able to use a kitchen mallet to break them up. Instead, you’ll need a heavy tool.

And, of course, use kitchen towels to protect your counter or table so you don’t break anything. Our suggestion is to put the grains you want to grind into a freezer Ziplock bag. Then wrap it in an extra piece of cloth and hit it.

If you use a hammer to grind the coffee beans, the grind won’t be very good because you won’t have much control over it. You’re not just going to grind the grains; you’re going to destroy them without any mercy.

We only recommend it if you have no other option since everyone has a hammer at home and the coffee beans aren’t that good. Unless you want to die!

With a kitchen rolling pin

Coffee beans? Knead? Yes, but I had to push a little. If you don’t know how to grind coffee without a grinder, you can at least try to get a uniform result with the roller method. Before you start, you should put the grains you’re going to grind in a freezer bag, just like we said in the last step. Otherwise, because of static electricity, half of the ground beans will stick to the counter or rolling pin.

With a kitchen mortar

The most similar way to grind coffee beans is with a mortar, which works like a pair of millstones or grinder bits. In this case, the mortar mallet hits the wall of the mortar to do the work of the millstones.

It’s one of the ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder that can give you results more like those of a specific tool, but it’s also one of the hardest because it depends on your skill and how you move. wrist (not just hitting, but rather “tapping and dragging”).

It can be fun to start out by practicing your technique with grains that aren’t very good.

Can I grind coffee in the Thermomix?

This may be the “unorthodox” method with the best results. Even though we know that not everyone has a Thermomix or at least a high-end food processor at home.

How do we use a Thermomix to grind coffee beans? Well, just put the coffee beans in the glass and set the speed to 5-10 for 1 minute. That is, we start at 5 and keep going up until we reach the maximum.

When we’re done, we just open the glass and look at how finely the grinding turned out. If we need a finer grinder, we keep the programming speed at 10 for 30 seconds at a time. This last step must be done again and again until the grain is as fine as we want it to be.

Grind the coffee with a blender or blender

From our point of view, this is the option we least recommend. It involves taking a regular hand blender or a glass blender, if we have one at home but don’t have a coffee grinder, and grinding the grains inside, more or less as we explained in the last section.

What’s wrong with using a blender to grind coffee? Well, you can’t control the power or speed like you can with a Thermomix, and its blades aren’t even close to as good as those of a kitchen robot. Not only will you get a bad grind, but you could also damage your equipment.

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