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Helicopter rides to explore a city offers a new perspective to exploring places, and is gradually gaining popularity day by day. It will be one of the best days for anyone to explore cities on a helicopter, the amazing views, hustling wind, the feel of a free bird in the sky.

If you are curious to know which one are the best to explore with a helicopter, here are our some of the favorites, it might help you in your decision :-


Exploring with a helicopter ride in Mumbai will be an unforgettable day, the beauty of the night city with a 1000 feet above the sea and coast offers breathtaking views. There are many aviation companies like Pawan Hans and so on that offer such rides over the Arabian Sea, Worli-Sea link, Mumbai Skyline. One can arrange and plan such rides on a special day or occasion, it will be one of the best days. It costs around Rs.9000 per person for a half hour ride in a helicopter for Mumbai.

One can see and feel the view from above of “The City That Never Sleeps”, the helicopter ride offers a person endless memories and views. The helicopter is surely going to make you fall in love with the city of dreams, Mumbai. It will also be one of the best adventures in India, to see the city, from the skies above.There are mainly three options to explore North Mumbai which covers Madh Island, Essel World and so on, North Mumbai which covers Juhu Beach, Andheri, Goregaon Film City and so on, South Mumbai which covers Juhu Bandra Worli Sea link, Taj Mahal Hotel and so on.


Goa, the night city or you can say, the city where every person wants to visit once in her lifetime. It is famous for its beaches, jet skies, and parasailing, but we suggest you to explore this wonderful city on a helicopter.The chopper flies along the coast, it offers the tranquil green tiny villages on one side and the magnificent waves crashing on the other side.

Pawan Hans, India’s largest helicopter rides has also made a partnership with the Goa government to make this facility available for tourists and people wanting to explore the city. To see the blue beaches from the blue skies above, will take away all the blue from your heart and will only pour in happiness and memories. It costs around Rs.4000 per person to ride a half hour chopper ride in Goa.


Sikkim, the one place which is in everyone’s bucket list. During winters and at the time of bad weather, it is not possible to visit Sikkim, but one can go and explore it with a helicopter ride. It is going to be both a thrill and an adventure. The Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation in Gangtok conducts the helicopter rides. To observe the frozen lakes, chilly weather from above the skies will be a new experience. It costs around Rs.10000 per person for a half hour helicopter ride in Sikkim. One must not forget to visit the state capital’s panoramic grand views.


Udaipur, a paradise for destination weddings. The magnificent view of the forts, serene lakes, plush palaces gives a mesmerizing view from above the skies. Udaipur is a gorgeous and a beautiful city to be explored on a helicopter.

One while having a helicopter ride in Udaipur, will feel more like a daydreaming, such heavenly and beautiful looks “The City Of Jewels” from the skies. Mewar Helicopter Services (MHS) offers you such Helicopter rides in Udaipur. The hills, the picture-perfects lakes, green meadows from top, all look so breathtaking. It will be one of the best experiences to visit Udaipur from a helicopter. It costs around Rs.4000 for a chopper ride to explore Udaipur.


Visakhapatnam, also commonly known as the Port City, situated among  the hills of the Eastern Ghats towards the Bay Of Bengal. Exploring Visakhapatnam on a helicopter will make you fall in love with the city more in itself. It is a beautiful place, famous for its beaches, a sight to behold from the skies, one of the best views of The Jewel of the East Coast.

Heli Tours India runs this jet service and makes this pleasure available there in that city. It costs around Rs.4000 per person to have a pleasant chopper ride to explore Visakhapatnam for around half an hour.It will be a pleasure and a thrilling adventure to ride in a helicopter.


Exploring Indian cities on a helicopter is a dream come true. One must do it, if possible. To see the beauty from the limitless skies is one of the best experiences a person can ever have.

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