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West Midlands Home Improvements, part of East Midlands based JB Homes & Renovations, provides complete bathroom & kitchen renovation services to the residents in Birmingham and The West Midlands region. Whether it’s new build extension or a refurbishment you will see us doing everything we can to ensure that your home renovation project goes as smooth as possible. With our team of expert builders, designers and technicians, we have built an impressive list of happy clients who have benefited from our excellent customer service, superior quality workmanship and outstanding value for money. Our dedication, hard work and attention to detail has helped us become one of the most trusted and successful companies within the region. If you’re looking for an experienced and dedicated company with local contacts to get started, then give us a call or book an appointment today!

Our Quality Of Service And Reputable Safety Record

Every aspect of this client project was thoroughly inspected by our own qualified tradesmen & engineers before being sent to the builder for installation. From planning through final works this involved several rounds of design & planning meetings, site visits, pre-build inspections, construction/construction drawings and even onsite training for all tradesmen involved in the renovation. Every member of staff was thoroughly trained in every aspect of building a modern luxury property, whilst adhering to strict safety standards. This includes regular reviews of each stage of the project throughout the whole duration, ensuring that any unforeseen issues were appropriately handled. At no stage did any parts of the building be left without supervision, checking them against industry best practices and procedures. As well as providing ongoing maintenance to any damaged surfaces, these checks ensure that quality and reliability are maintained at all times. After the completion of each project, full records are kept and all materials used during the construction are properly disposed of. All equipment is fully licensed with the relevant permissions & certificates and is subject to constant monitoring to ensure it is safe to use.

Our Commitment To Client Satisfaction

The entire operation of our company would not be possible without our skilled workforce, who are regularly reviewed and appraised to ensure high levels of commitment. Each day they put their hearts into helping us provide top quality construction work for our clients, which builds client confidence and allows us to maintain our reputation as reliable suppliers. When you hire us to help complete any renovations to your property, whether from a single room, multi-unit or extended apartment, there is no doubt that you can expect us to deliver high level work. For all types of projects, we offer a 5-star rating according to BBEE, CIE Accreditation and IBCF. Furthermore, we are listed amongst Red Dot and BPRI Top Rated Companies for both residential and non-residential projects. These prestigious awards are testament to the success of our teams and the trust and loyalty of our customers. They provide us with valuable experience to inform future projects and better prepare us for the demands of modern living.

We’re Ready To Help You Develop A Sustainable Future In Your Living Room

We’re always willing to discuss your ideas about improving your living space. Working closely with you and your team we are able to make sure that we’ve created the best plan for your residence. With our wide range of interior design options, we will design your ideal style from floor to ceiling to create the perfect layout and feel. Not only does this allow you to create the ultimate living space, but it also means that you can fit many activities and spaces around your current dwelling. Our extensive online knowledge also means that you can easily find out how we work so you will know our preferred finishes and styles for each job. By sharing your preferences with us, we will make sure that the layout suits you personally based on your personal taste. Whether you choose something simple like concrete floors or opting for bolder colour schemes we’ll help guide you through designing and decorating the perfect scheme. So far, we’ve worked on over 1,500 projects with our clients across the UK and Wales, ranging from flats to two and three bedroom homes for adults and small children alike. What’s exciting is that we are constantly hearing about innovative ways individuals want their interiors to look and feel and what could be more satisfying than transforming their living rooms to suit their needs?

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