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When Russia waged war on Ukraine, the world forecasted it to last for a few weeks or even a couple of months, but with president Zelensky’s never giving up spirit and military support from many nations helped Ukraine to fight the Russian troops. 

Although the troops are protected with various high-level military bulletproof vests and ballistic plates, the losses are still immense. Zelensky said that they are losing almost 200 soldiers each day, and the same can be the scenario for the Russian troops. 

The war escalated quickly, but now the tides have turned, and what we thought was a sprint has become a marathon, said Mark Cancian, senior security adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 

Both countries are suffering heavy losses, so they are actively recruiting, training, and deploying new troops on the frontline to cover these losses.

Is Protective Equipment Worth it in a War?

The soldiers from both sides are engaging in battles. They are equipped with level IIIA helmets or higher and a military bulletproof vest along with ballistic plates to protect them from bullet shots. However, these types of equipment are not enough. 

A bullet wound in the leg, waist, and arm can still leave a person handicapped and unable to fight. Moreover, projectiles from the tank and grenade launchers can cause significant damage to troops that cannot be defended against.

 In recent NEWS, America has said to provide a mid-ranged rocket system HIMARS to Ukrainian forces, which can largely turn the war in Ukraine’s favor.

Will Nuclear war Breakout?

Before we begin with this part, here is a fun fact. According to a testing study in 2018, it was concluded that it would only take 100 nukes to end the world, and we already have 13,080 nuclear bombs ready to be bombarded to make every species disappear from this world.

So, getting back to the topic. If a nuclear war occurs, the world will be destroyed. If not from the blast, then from the nuclear radiation, and if not from the radiation, then from the lack of food and other amenities. 

The loss would be too great with nuclear warfare – innovations and technology losses, nuclear rain, and the spread of radioactive elements giving rise to diseases and other problems.

This all could happen with nuclear warfare. But will nuclear war begin? According to the experts, nuclear war’s chances are slim. They said, as long as western countries are not directly involved in the war, Putin is less likely to use nukes in the war. 

However, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a nuclear war. Many countries supplying food, amenities, and weapons to support Ukraine and gaining more victories and increased indulgence of the other countries can frustrate Putin, which may trigger him to push the nuke button.

However, every other nation in the world, including India, will also stop Putin from using nuclear power in war. So, considering the overall fact and figures, the breakout of a nuclear war is still a possibility. But presently, missiles, rockets, and bullets are doing more damage. 

Use of advanced military technology

It is clear that Ukraine has a major disadvantage in terms of weapons and armory. They lack in many things when compared to Russia’s armed forces. Russian forces clearly use more advanced weapons, military bulletproof vests, armor systems, and heavy machinery. 

So, when other countries supplied Ukraine with weapons, the Ukrainian troops had to spend some time learning how to use them. Until now, they have been dependent on Soviet-era calibers. However, the advanced defensive equipment like level IIIA helmets and military bulletproof vests have greatly aided the troops’ safety in the war. 

This technology is built to protect important parts of the body- mainly the heart, lungs, and head. Furthermore, to add to the security of the person, a ballistic plate can be installed in the vest to protect against high-caliber weapons. But level IIIA is not the only level that has been supplied. Many high-level gears like level III and level IV items have been sent and being used in the war. 

The end of war

As of now, every act of negotiation has been abandoned or rejected by the Russian government. So, the war is still continuing and is expected to be continued for a long time. However, it is admirable that Ukraine has been able to hold its stand against such a massive military force. 

All that’s left is to see how the war will turn out to be. The effect of war is not limited to these two nations. 

Many countries around the world are seeing the effect and changes in their economy and the prices of everyday items. This effect is also visible in the US economy. In fact, the US economy may witness by the end of 2022.

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