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For high school students, career counseling is essential because it enables them to make assessments that direct them down the correct professional route. Through counseling, one can develop specific habits that are necessary for success in both education and the workplace. According to a Stratford study, career counseling had a favorable impact on students’ decision to enroll in or change their college programs. A career counselor does more than just inquire about the student’s career goals. There are several inquiries and assessments that can offer information on professions and jobs that will fit a student’s skills, goals, and requirements. We at one of the Top Schools in Greater Noida realize the need to attend to the pupil’s emotional, social, and behavioral needs, that is why we don’t take this matter casually.

1. Helps them find their field of interest. 

It’s critical that your pupils understand the link between professional happiness and emotional well-being. Offer professional assessments since figuring out interests and strengths is the first step in finding a job that fits you well. These exams ask questions based on psychology to determine a person’s character, psychological characteristics, and potential areas of interest. There are certain personality quizzes/tests that can enumerate qualities that represent where and how people work best.

  • Myers Briggs type indicator: This quiz makes an attempt to categorize respondents into four groups: extraversion or introversion, intuition or sensing, thinking or feeling, and judgment or seeing. To get a four-letter test result, one letter is picked from each category.
  • DiSC profile: Based on psychologist William Moulton Marston’s DISC emotional and behavioral theory from 1928, DISC assessments are behavioral self-assessment tools. The instruments are intended to forecast work performance.                                                           

Despite the fact that no examination can completely ensure success, its findings can act as a beginning point for your pupils’ career alternatives. Additionally, they will aid pupils in developing a more complete self-awareness. High school students can receive mentoring through a variety of available tools. Career counselors evaluate and look into your areas of aptitude. Analytical aptitude need not compel one to choose a career in the STEM professions. Analyst skills are necessary for even marketing execs. The main advantage of career counseling and advice is this. They help you broaden your perspectives by cutting through the noise.

2. Engaging in Extracurricular Activities

Activities that students engage in outside of class reveal what they enjoy doing, which can be a crucial component of their work. Lessons in band or music suggest a passion for the arts and possibly collaborative projects. Sports demonstrate an understanding of cooperation and planning. The student’s preference for a vocation in which they can operate primarily independently may be indicated by their solo activities. Schools and universities frequently provide a wide range of options for extracurricular activities. Different extracurricular activities might therefore assist a student to define their interests if they are unsure of their future job choice or what they are interested in. One can suggest either a new activity or one that is relevant to the student’s present interests. 

3. Income and Financial Preferences

Although it can be challenging for high school kids to grasp the reality of money, this is an important question for those who are taking it seriously. Do they value financial security? Or do they approve of a more independent lifestyle? Students may also benefit from exploring the kind of education or the necessary training they will require to achieve the desired salary level. When appropriate, gently eliciting family members’ opinions and spending and saving patterns can also provide insights.

4. Overall skill development

Today’s educational system has changed, placing more emphasis on the value of soft skills in addition to academic achievement. You must therefore remind the students that their soft talents are often just as important to companies as their GPA.

Although strong grades are a sign of motivation, organization, capacity for learning, and comprehension, these skills are much more important for professional success.

Career success will be significantly impacted by soft skills including 

  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Psychology 
  • Etiquette
  • Leadership  
  • Critical Thinking.

A healthy existence requires a certain set of life skills. Kids must therefore start acquiring and honing these talents early on. Making the greatest career choice requires a combination of skills, including self-awareness and emotional management, and others. To develop these abilities, a student needs assistance and counseling from the very start to the finish of their academic career.

Some people thrive in a regimented setting, like an office. Others would prefer a looser, more dynamic setting or not want to spend every day in the same place. These behaviors can reveal whether a person will succeed in a job requiring them to sit at a desk all day, whether they would like to work from home or they want to visit a different location, or whether they would choose a job requiring them to be more physically active. Schools in Noida are well equipped for training its student in necessary skills for their future adventures.

Wrapping up

In the case of their future careers, students should be given the chance to consider what they truly want out of life. Students should consult a counselor to assess this and determine whether they should change their career path or whether they are pleased with their existing course. if you are a parent and you are looking for schools in Noida and going through the list of schools in greater Noida you should totally check out our school it is one of the top schools in Greater Noida.

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