How Does Grubhub Function

Is home to 300,000 eateries that are part of their food delivery service. It is among the nation’s top food delivery companies, as are Instacart and Shipt.  has now reached over 25 million customers across 4000 towns across the United States.

Two kinds use two types: customers and drivers. As the driver, you can choose your hours and serve food during the hours you wish to work. If you’re a client, its user-friendly interface makes ordering food effortless.

Every day millions of customers order food items from. You might have wondered about the process in terms of what that means to you as a driver or a client. This article will go over the entire process and more to help you gain a better understanding of the way that works.

Find out the ins and outs of how functions, regardless of whether you’re looking to take a bite of delicious food or are planning to launch your side hustle as a driver for food here 

What Is?

Is a food-on-demand delivery service that will deliver your favorite restaurant’s food. It is available on the web and mobile platforms. The company was created in Chicago in 2004 by web developers Matt Maloney and his partner Mike Evans looking for an alternative to ordering takeaway rather than reading printed menus. In 2021, was bought 2021 by Just Eat Takeaway, an Amsterdam-based business. While competition is fierce against other food delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash, has a strong foothold within New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. Other companies that fall under Grubhub’s parent company are Allmenus, LevelUp, MenuPages, and Seamless.

How Does Work?

 is an online catering service that connects its customers to local restaurants. It offers the infrastructure and logistics needed to allow customers to place orders for their favorite restaurant meals and receive them at your door.

The way it works is that the customer goes to and inputs the postal code of their city or postcode to find nearby restaurants. Then they select from the menus of different options for food. If an order is placed for food delivery, will send texts and emails to the driver and the customer who will pick up the Order. The driver will pick up restaurant meals and deliver them directly to their customers. If a user orders through, they pay the restaurant now, and the driver’s charge is included in the price.

How Does Work for Customers?

You can make orders using the service: on the internet or a smartphone application. It is easy to order food using the swipe of your finger on the smartphone’s screen or the keyboard on your computer.

Using the App

To use first, you must download the mobile application on your tablet or phone. After installing it, open the application and click ‘create an account. After filling in the required fields, including names and emails, an activation code is sent directly to the email you have entered. Follow that link to activate your account.

You can now search for the restaurant you’re looking for using the restaurant’s name. There’s also the option of searching for local restaurants within your vicinity or searching for the kind of food you’re looking for, such as pad Thai, burgers, or Ramen. After doing your research, select a restaurant you are interested in, then scroll to see the menu choices. There you can pick from the various dishes that are available.

Once you’ve picked your preferred food item, scroll down to the lower part of the screen, where you’ll see “Order Now. Click on the button, fill in the necessary fields with your payment details and then click ‘place your Order. The food will be delivered quickly.

Payment Options for Delivery

 has joined forces with numerous organizations and payment services, including debit and credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and Paypal. It is also possible to pay in cash in some restaurants, but it’s not widely advertised by or accessible. After you have finished purchasing your account, the app will let you know if the purchase is available for cash-based payment.

Benefits of Using for Food Delivery

The thought of ordering food at a restaurant and getting delivery to a house or workplace might seem like something only a rich person would ever do. But, it’s becoming more and more of the scenario as people search for ways to reduce time and get delicious food. For those living in cities with a lot of traffic, like New York City, an online food delivery service like is a great option. Here are some of the advantages of using:

  •  lets users Order from restaurants that are too far or unsuitable for them to travel to.
  •  offers user-generated reviews of each restaurant so that customers can make an informed decision regarding their dining choices before making a purchase.
  • Restaurants in your region are regularly updated, so you’re always informed on new deals and offerings so you’ll never be left with the latest restaurant specials.
  • There is a way to save on orders when you use their promotional codes and restaurant rewards.
  • Utilize the filters on to locate the exact items you’re looking for, including gluten-free dishes, vegetarian products, and even vegan dishes.
  • You can follow your Order’s progress and check how it’s moving along.
  • Contact the driver in case there are any modifications to your delivery details.
  • Connect with Amazon Alexa and Order with your voice. Type in the prompt, for example, “Alexa, tell I’m hungry.”

How Does Work for Drivers?

We’ll discuss how the platform operates from the driver’s point of view to give you a clear understanding of what’s required to be a driver and an overview of what drivers gain from working with.

If you’re searching for an opportunity to start a new side business and make extra income, taking on the role of a courier may be an option. A courier transports the food items ordered from restaurants directly to customers’ workplaces or homes. In the last few years, more people have been using as their primary option to order food on the internet. This has increased the need for couriers to fulfill the orders.

Requirements to Become a Courier

If you’re looking to become Grubhub’s driver, you need to meet some requirements and submit an application procedure.

These are the criteria applicants must meet to be eligible:

  • You are 19 or older (21plus in Chicago), possess an active driver’s license, have your vehicle insurance, and keep it up to date during your time through.
  • At least two years of driving experience.
  • It would be best if you had reliable transportation and were within the delivery area of the restaurants where you’d like to work.
  • It is also necessary to have either an iPhone or an Android smartphone connected to the internet, a plan for data, and the capability to download applications from the App Store and the Google Play store. The app is free in both stores, so it will not cost anything upfront.
  • Additionally, you must be capable of lifting 30 pounds without assistance and pass all background checks with high success.
  • As a potential courier, you must also feel at ease talking to strangers.

How exactly to Signal Up as a Food Delivery Driver?

You have two options regarding how you can register as a driver. You can do it on the internet or using a mobile application.

 Online Application

This driver application process is straightforward and takes 10-15 moments to complete. The application involves answering some short questions about you and your car.

For the first time, you will be required to enter your name, email address, telephone number, and the city you live in. Then, you will be asked to select the preferred mode of delivery car, scooter, motorcycle, or bicycle. It is important to note that none of these options may be available in the area you’re applying for. After entering your information in all required fields, press the “Submit” button to proceed to the next stage.

Then you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll need to verify your phone number and address, and, based on the location, you’re in additional questions like how frequently you’ll work during the week. Once you’ve completed all the required fields, press the submit button.

 Onboarding Process

You’ll then be taken to Grubhub’s Onboarding page. On this page, you’ll need to upload a picture of an ID issued by the government (state ID or driver’s license) and proof of insurance for your car. After that, you must sign the Partnership Agreement and the W-9 form to the IRS.

Drivers considering driving must present a Social Security number to run an identity check.  utilizes Checkr’s background checking platform. Background checks include criminal record searches, motor review records including driver’s license status and driving record, and the registry for national sex offenders search and social security tracker to find out the past employment history. This allows to ensure that the vehicle driver isn’t listed as being monitored by any watch lists or has a criminal record. It typically takes between 1 and three business days for a background screening.

Following that, you’ll be granted access to their online course, which will allow you to learn everything from how to serve food safely to keeping track of orders on your smartphone. This is a short but vital part of the process, which involves learning about and navigating the food delivery service. You’ll learn all you should know about how operates, like checking in and out, navigating between customers and restaurants, gaining access to customer information following delivery, and much more.

You’ll also get a welcome package that includes an insulated bag with the brand and a driver’s card from to complete the onboarding process. You’ll also have to make a direct deposit and your bank’s information to get paid!

After completing your education, you can install the drivers app and begin accepting orders.

Making Deliveries and Getting Paid

After you’ve learned all about the application process at and registered as a driver, it’s time to figure out how to begin making deliveries.

Then, you must open the application on your smartphone and log in. Make sure that you’ve selected the option ‘Available. Once orders are available, you can accept or decline the offer. You can also plan delivery blocks (up to two weeks ahead) to create a more stable work schedule. You must visit the main menu and select “Scheduling. The app will display the scheduled delivery times for the next week, which you can like. You can choose the appropriate time when taping a block within your app. During that period, the app will grant you the priority regarding deliveries as the scheduled driver.

Once you’ve accepted an invitation to place your Order on, It’s time to get to the restaurant and collect the food.  will give you instructions. Restaurants may give you additional information regarding pickup. The app will then provide directions to where your Order is scheduled to be delivered. You’ll be able to reach out to the customer if you need to.

How Much Money Do You Make as a Driver?

 utilizes this formula to calculate the amount of pay a driver receives:

Per Order, the number of miles, time spent traveling, tips, and special promotions = Total Pay.

However, the amount drivers make through depends on their location and the delivery zone. However, it’s possible to conclude that most drivers earn an average of between $10 and $20 per hour, averaging between $10 and $12 after considering vehicle costs, including gas maintenance, repair, and expenses. Additionally, it would be best to consider taxation when you’re classified as an individual contractor. If you require help working out the tax you pay as a delivery driver and increasing your income, look at Gridwise.

Benefits of Driving for

There are many good reasons for you to want to be a courier. Here are the top five reasons:

  • The hours are flexible.
  • You can operate at your speed.
  • The minimum amount of training is required.
  • You get paid per delivery.
  • Flexible schedules make it possible to keep track of other commitments

In Summary

We hope that we’ve addressed the question of how do they work? It’s now possible to know how this service operates in terms of what it could offer you.  is a fantastic option for those who want food delivered directly to their doorstep. It’s also an excellent way for drivers to earn extra money by working the flexibility of timings. Whatever you choose to do, we wish you success.

Here are other alternatives to. If you’d like to explore what they have to provide:


How much will it cost to purchase from?

Restaurant owners can decide on their rates for delivery costs. You can be charged anything from $1-$10, though generally, you’ll be getting about $7.50. Be aware that you must tip the driver who delivers your food; typically, it’s 20% of the total amount you pay for. You can give a piece of information through the app for food delivery or opt to pay cash.

What happens if I have to end your order?

To cancel a order, click My Orders from within the application. Then, choose the Order and click ‘Cancel. You must confirm the cancellation by clicking “Yes” to confirm that you wish to cancel the Order. The refund will be processed within a couple of business days. However, depending on your card or bank issuer’s policy, it can take longer.

How does stack up against DoorDash?

Doordash is a more recent food delivery service than; however, they are rapidly growing. If you’re looking for an in-depth review of the two food delivery companies, you can read our and Doordash article here. Our top recommendation for drivers and diners is that there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t utilize both Uber or Grub applications. This gives you the option of more restaurants for diners and the chance to increase your income if driving.

What is the difference between and Uber Eats?

Your decision will be based on your taste. You may want to stick with Uber Eats if there is already an Uber app for ridesharing or even driving these services. If one app has the restaurant you prefer but not the other, it could be an excuse to pick one. Is it a good idea to test them and find the fastest or least expensive service within your local area? If you’re planning to work with one, the cost is comparable, but you may discover that one is more profitable for your particular location. Please read the details of our Uber Eats vs.  article here.

What’s the relationship between the two? Seamless?

 Seamless and Seamless are two popular food delivery services. Seamless is the more established company and was founded in 1999. It was later merged with in 2013. In the beginning, Seamless was the more well-known brand, and it was logical to keep its name and be a distinct entity. Although they operate under different brands, The Food Delivery app and Seamless are similar. The seamless app offers the same service.

How does earn money?

The principal source of revenue earns comes by charging restaurants the restaurant a commission of 5-15 percent.  also makes money from other revenue streams, such as sponsored listings.

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