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Lip Balms are an essential part of cosmetics. It’s a product of everyday use. It moisturizes the lips. It can also be used as an exfoliation product, can protect lips from sunlight and is an amazing lip primer. It is mainly the only item in the beauty products that can be used by both males and females.

There are numerous brands out there selling different types of lip balms for everyday use. It is often prescribed by dermatologists for the natural health of lips. There are tinted as well as non-tinted lip balms

Hence a product of great importance needs to be presented in the market with remarkable features so that it can stand out in the crowd and can create an impact so to make our product competent in the market, we should pay heed to its quality and how is it presented in the market. Therefore, a great need of efforts are required on its quality and how is it going to be introduced to the customers. One thing that can make our product stand out in the market is its packaging that how is it displayed to the customers. Custom lip balm display boxes can play a crucial role in the upselling of the product. There are various types of packaging that can intrigue the interest of consumers.

Types of Lip Balm Display Boxes:

There are abundant ways and materials used in the making of custom lip balm display boxes.

Cardboard Display Boxes:

Cardboard display boxes are highly durable. It is a material that can easily withstand any kind of wear and tear. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective form of packaging that can aid generate a great revenue with minimum investment. It gives our product sophisticated and a classy appearance. As cardboard is a very durable material so it is ensured that the product remains safe and is reached to the customers in perfect condition. It is a biodegradable and an eco-friendly material which can be recycled easily making it safe for the environment. There are diverse ways to design the cardboard into customized lip balm display boxes in numerous shapes and colors. We can give necessary information about the lip balms like their composition or ingredients and details about our brand on these boxes so that it can pique the interest of buyers.

Kraft Display Boxes:

Kraft display boxes are brown colored material that are made from a unique process and are generally more resistant and durable than the simple cardboard boxes. It is mainly made of natural wood fibers, recycled paperboards and sulphur. The presence of sulphur gives it more density to withstand any kind of damage. There are many types of Kraft boxes like coated unbleached, recycled and mixed Kraft paper. Other products like PP film or thermoplastic can be added with Kraft paper to make it waterproof for the customers. More companies are recognizing the worth of Kraft paper nowadays as it’s an eco-friendly material and is great for the upselling and marketing of our product. It can be moulded into various forms like tray or sleeved shaped displays and can provide great resistance to our product making sure that it’s reaching out to the customers in the ideal form.

Corrugated Fiberboard Display Boxes:

Corrugated display boxes are quite different from cardboard boxes as they are made up of three layers. There is a ruffled material in the inner and outer layers giving it exceptional strength and stability. It can conveniently protect our product from severe wear and tear throughout the packaging and shipment processes. Corrugated fiberboard is biodegradable material containing no dyes or bleaches so it can be recycled and composted very easily making it safe for the environment. We can mould these boxes in desired shapes and colors for the presentation of lip balms and for advertising of our product.

We can utilize various types of custom lip balm display boxes according to our convenience and need but the main goal is to create a remarkable difference in the competitive market regarding our product through packaging because it is the first impression conveyed to the customers so we have to make sure that it is the right one.

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