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A business always needs assurance to run and some of this assurance can come from how well the business is performing or even what is the future guarantee that the business will be profitable.  

Apart from that the other main assurance and the main concern for any business and especially medium to large businesses is what kind of security is there to assure the success of this business. 

It’s the 21st century and in terms of technology we have come a long way with security and security services seem to have evolved to a point wherein we do not need security professionals in handling emergency and security situations. 

However, we would like to argue that there are certain advantages of security guarding services and manned security services that ensure a level of safety and security that no technology can ascertain and provide. 


While some might argue that technology in the security sector is excellent and that it can have quite several benefits to organisations, we as an experienced facility management and security services company would like to argue that the best approach for security is integrated security solutions.  This is the combination between manned security as well as various technologies for their assistance.  

Let us now look at the meaning of manned guarding and security. 


Manned security is simply the posting and recruitment of trained security professionals and trained professionals for the security of your business and company. This includes the use of trained professionals at all junctures and the use of security technologies in unison. 

This ensures guarding security with peace of mind. 


  1. THE HUMAN ELEMENT – This is an element that is not talked about often. Let’s ask a simple question. 

Who is at the centre of your business? Is it the valuation? The market holds? 

Well, it’s none of that.

It is people who are at the centre of your business, they may be your staff or your customers but at the end of the day, it’s the people who need to be taken care of. 

And with whom do people feel safe? Guns? CCTVs? Advanced technology? None. People feel secure with other trustworthy and dedicated people. Here comes the importance of the human element. 

Having a manned security team means that the staff and the customers have trained professionals to talk to whenever there is a problem instead of relying on security footage or devices for help. 

  1. POWERFUL DETERRENT – Ever heard of the device used in farmlands called a scarecrow?

It is a dummy that is designed to look like a human so that the crows might not steal grain. The scarecrow acts as a deterrent. 

Prevention before affirmative action.

A manned security service works the same way.

Wherever someone with a bad motive sees people who are there specifically there to stop anything bad from happening and especially when they seem like professionals, it sets off a deterrence in their minds and prevents them from committing anything bad.

While some might argue that CCTVs also act as deterrents and that is true to some extent. It is still not as effective as professional security guards with intelligence far more than any technology.  

  1. MENTAL RELIEF – Mental relief is also one of the most important reasons why people hire security guards. Mental relief is important for a variety of reasons and one of the most important reasons is running a business. 

Whenever you are entrusted with the responsibility of running a business you should not have to worry about security and theft all the time and this is where a manned security guard service comes in handy. 

They will always be there to guard your premises and property while you can think about the most important thing to your business and that is your participation and management in the business. 

  1. BUSINESS OUTLOOK – Another aspect of the security sector that is talked about rarely is the business outlook. 

You might wonder what is the business outlook? 

You can call it the perceived notion that people have about the business.  This notion can be built on multiple numbers of things and basically means the reputation that the business holds for the customers and investors.

There are various ways in which a business can build this outlook and one of the best ways for them to show that their business is secure is to have a professional and manned security service guarding the business. 

  1. EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION – Employee satisfaction should be your utmost priority if you are planning on running a business. 

When employees find out that their security is being taken seriously and that there is a professional team of security guards there to protect the business as well as their safety then they feel more secure. 

This also has a different effect in that it boosts employee morale so that they can work better and with more efficiency knowing that they will be working in a safe and secure environment. 

  1. EMERGENCY SITUATION HANDLING – This is one of the areas wherein no technology can be more effective than ground personnel who are professionals. 

There may be various security situations that may need a human touch to deal with. 

Maybe someone has got an injury or someone is facing any medical emergency.

In that case, no Technology can identify this without any human supervision and professionally trained security guards know exactly what to do in these situations.

Some are even trained to perform minor medical care like doing CPR till the first responders arrive. 

There may also be other issues like crowd control issues if a celebrity comes to your business if you are business is in a mall or other public places and then that level of integrated dealing of security cannot possibly be done by any technology without human help. 

These were a few of the reasons why manned guarding and hiring professional security personnel can make a huge difference in the way you are business premises are protected.  There can be multiple scenarios wherein no technology can be programmed to deal with it but the intelligence of a professionally trained security person is far above any current technology that we have and that will allow them to resolve any situation and make the best out of the situation. 

If you are someone who is looking for a security agency like that which has professional teams of security guards that have been trained and picked from the best of the best then we are here to help you. We are DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd and we will ensure you receive only the finest security personnel who have been trained in multiple scenarios and know exactly how to stay calm and deal with any situation that might compromise the security of the business. What makes us the fastest growing and most trusted security company in India is the fact that we have decades worth of experience in providing security to clients of different industries with varied scenarios with includes providing security for buildings, vehicles, ports, airports, malls and every place that needs proper security. 

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