How To Choose The Topic For Your Dissertation

A dissertation alone is a tiresome job. You have several sections of it to cover to complete one. It is the final research paper you must submit to your professors before achieving your degree. It is an essential piece of paper that either boosts your grades or makes them cease to lowest. 

Seeing its importance, we should be careful while choosing our topic. It accounts for a large number of credits; therefore, be sure you choose a topic which is as much as your liking but can make the readers curious to know more. 

Most students face this situation when choosing from the list of Accounting dissertation topics or economics dissertation topics. Are you a student facing this specific issue? Are you trying to narrow down all the ideas? Or is it that you are simply choosing a career for your future? Whatever it is, do not worry. We got you all covered up with the list of our tips, answering the question “How to choose a topic for your dissertation?”

  1. Look into what interests you

A dissertation is not a task to be completed within a few days. It can take up to weeks or even months to finish one. There are chances that it might get boring for you in this long period. The first step you should take is determining and focusing on your interests. Please choose a topic which might interest you to the point so that you can work on it for the next couple of months. 

2- Be Unique 

Choose a topic which is not being chosen before or is not commonly discussed. Be unique while picking up your topic. Do not be cliché; use the topics already discussed and have long and detailed research on them. Try to be unique by checking the list of the uncommon topics shared on the internet and pick one. It helps you to carry out your research and analyzed data. Choosing a unique and uncommon topic is not impossible but can get a pretty tricky job.

 You can use this idea by thinking critically or from another angle on already researched data. But keep in mind that it does not become too narrow while choosing a unique topic that you do not find enough details and information you might need to use in your dissertation.

  1. Balance the flow  

Sometimes students choose their Accounting dissertation topics or Economic dissertation topics in a way which is too vague or too narrow. The whole dissertation article should follow a specific structure. Do not be too vague and choose a complex topic with several aspects to cover; it can get messy, and you will not be able to cover up all of it. 

The same goes with the statement that does not be too narrow while choosing a topic with questions with the options of either “YES” or “NO”. Choosing a small or narrow topic or question can get you in trouble in meeting the word count. 

  1. Conduct your research 

Once you complete all the steps mentioned above, do your research. Conducting the research can be a final step in ensuring whether you choose a suitable topic or not. Research before the time gives you a chance to know more about the topic you are interested in and whether there are enough resources regarding your topic or not.

  1. Be realistic

You might be attached to your topic or research. It is not impossible to fall in love with your topic early in your research. Considering this, the cases are seen where students bring their own emotions and opinions which are not objective or carry logic, eventually resulting in failing or marking low grades. Whether you are working on the fiver of your topic or arguing against it, try to be realistic. Please take a little break from your topic and try to look at it from an outsider’s perspective. Consider others’ opinions and objections and justify your topic. 

  1. Ask for Advice or Seek Guidance:

Your tutor, instructor or teacher is your mentor during the procedure of dissertation writing. They are playing the role of supervisors. Holding the role of facilitator, they should guide you in choosing a topic for your dissertation. They are here to help you with any problem or question, whether big or small. Once you are sure about your topic and have done the analyzing and researching, call your instructor or mentor and fix a time for a meet-up. They have years of experience in this field and can guide you better with your topic choice.
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