Copyright is one of the best defences that an author or a person of creative talent can have to protect their work. 

Copyright is more than just a right and it is more of a protection that encourages new talent to safely create artistic work and not be intimated by the prospect that their work will be copied and stolen. 

A copyright does not only apply to a book but rather it applies to every piece of creation that a person can attribute to themselves. A copyright can apply to a book, song, novel, movie, audiobook and everything that is creative. 


We all know what is property and we know what property means, it can be anything material and that might be a piece of land or a piece of object. It can very easily be proven as someone’s by documents that show ownership material. 

But what about someone’s artistic creation? 

Just like any tangible property an artistic creation also takes a great deal of work to create and requires an investment of time and money and therefore the creators of these artistic works would also want a guarantee of ownership and proprietorship for them. 

These types of artistic works are called intellectual property and by defining them as a kind of property it becomes easier for the government and laws to classify their ownership in a more realistic manner. 

These intellectual property holders and owners can be the people who have created these works such as authors, songwriters, poets, novelists etc or it can even be the people under whose investment these pieces were created, for example, the film production company, the music production company or the publishing house. 

Whoever the owner might be, it is important for us to preserve the right of ownership for these pieces of work so that it might encourage other artists and creative people to safely and securely create their work and not fear that someone else might claim their hard work. 

So, you are a self-published author and you want to have publishing copyright for your book and you might be wondering how to copyright your book? Or you might even be wondering if you can create an online copyright or even how does operator registration work? 

Let us find out how to get a copyright for a book. 


This is one of the most important steps for copyright registration in India. 

  1. The first thing you must do in order to start your copyright process is to go to the official website of the Government of India for copyright registration. 

After doing that you must create an account on their website wherein you must create and user id and password. Remember to always keep this handy as this will be needed further down the line. 

  1. After creating the valid user id and password you must then log in to it and then go to the section “click for online copyright registration” 
  1. This will lead you to fill out the form for copyright registration wherein you will fill in the details that are mandatory in form XIV. 

Then you must make sure you upload your signature. The signature’s file size should not exceed 512 kb. 

Then you must enter the other details and move forward to the next step. Following this, you must complete the payment of the fees through the payment gateway. 

  1. After every step has been completed successfully you will be given a diary number which will be generated automatically. 

Stop everything that you are doing and write down this diary number on a piece of paper and also take a screenshot of the website’s page and then save them properly because you will be needing this number later. 

  1. After going through this, you will have to choose the type of artistic work you are copyrighting. And likewise, choose the format.
  1. After you have successfully filed the application then you will need to bring out a printout of the acknowledgement slip of the copyright registration form and send it to the required address for the Copyright Division Department For Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 


This is a critical moment in the filing of your copyright as this is the point where the copyright examiner examines your copyright application. This process usually takes 30 days. Based on the examination and scrutiny, there may be two scenarios. 

If the examiner finds any objection and discrepancy then the applicant is notified and then they are called upon to a hearing to resolve the discrepancy and this is usually conducted by the registrar. 

If the discrepancy has been solved then the copyright process will move on as usual to the next step. If the discrepancy has not been resolved and if the applicant has been called and they have not been able to clear up the discrepancy then the application is cancelled and the applicant cannot move forward with the next step. 


If all the other steps have been completed then the details of the copyright are inputted into the Register of Copyrights in India by the registrar. 

You can Google some of the requirements of the registration details quite easily. 

Being an Indian citizen, you must always opt for copyrighting your creative material as then you will get the full support of our judicial system if someone tries to copy or steal your hard work. 

The laws in India regarding copyright infringement are one of the harshest in the world making India a safe haven for creative people to pursue their creative goals without the fear that their work will be copied. 

A person breaking a copyright law can actually be jailed and fined at the same time and repeat offenders can even face a non-bailable sentence and a harsh fine. 

This was the blog about how to copyright your book in India. The process may seem complicated because it is to some degree. 

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