how to expand your rheumatology practice using proper medical billing

A rheumatologist is a health care provider who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions that may affect the joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones. Therefore, a rheumatologist has to perform very tough and complicated procedures for the treatment of different patients. 

So, the rheumatology clinic faces unique coding and billing difficulties, like other medical specialties. If medical practices do not take proactive measures to solve these problems, they end up losing thousands of dollars each year.

Complex nature of Rheumatology Medical Billing

The process of billing for medical services is notoriously difficult across the board, and rheumatology clinics are not exempt from this difficulty. Therefore, outsourcing revenue cycle management (RCM), which includes rheumatic medical billing and coding, has proven to be beneficial for both medical practitioners and patients.

How to Improve Rheumatology Coding and Billing for Your Practice Growth?

Billing and coding for rheumatology practices might be a little more difficult because getting paid is a crucial aspect of expanding your business. Your revenue cycle might be disrupted by denials, so improving your billing and coding skills helps ensure that you get paid in full for your services. 

Rheumatologists deal with far more specific diagnoses that require additional information, such as causation, anatomical location, and laterality, so make sure your clinic is on top of its coding game. For instance, ICD-10 has had a significant influence on rheumatology practices, and if your practice isn’t supplying the supporting data required for complaint rheumatic coding, you might be losing money. 

Keeping the following in mind will help you achieve compliance:

  • Indicate the laterality, anatomic site, and particular type of gout
  • Differentiate between drug-induced lupus and lupus involving an organ or system.
  • Write the laterality and precise anatomical location for rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Check out disorders like ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis that have become more prevalent as a result of the new ICD-10 guidelines. 

Because of the increased laterality and anatomical specificity of ICD-10, many previously single-code diseases can now have multiple codes. Therefore, It’s essential to have professionals assist you with your billing needs since rheumatologist billing and coding rules are quite strict and often difficult. Lack of knowledge of coding standards might financially jeopardize your practice. So, many rheumatology clinics choose to outsource their billing to a qualified rheumatology medical billing company that is knowledgeable about all the most recent procedures in order to avoid billings errors and improve their practice’s cash flow.

Using Telemedicine as a Tool for Engagement

Are you trying to improve patient engagement in your rheumatology practice? If so then, think about using telemedicine as a way to get more people engaged. Many have debated whether telemedicine would be useful in clinical specialties like rheumatology, but new research has demonstrated that tele-rheumatology can improve access to proper arthritis care, especially in remote areas. In addition, it has the ability to accommodate more patients in a shorter period of time. Rheumatology clinics have large waiting lists for new patients, and telemedicine makes it feasible for practitioners to care for an even greater number of patients.

Telemedicine visits can be utilized for follow-ups once a treatment plan has been chosen, especially for patients with hectic schedules or those who live a distance from the clinic.

Outsource your rheumatology billing needs to a reliable billing partner :

Rheumatology is one of the most complicated medical fields, and as a result, its treatments and procedures are highly complex. Therefore, your practice may concentrate on patient care by outsourcing your rheumatology medical billing to a third party. Thus, if you are concerned about the complexities of the billing process, you may rely on Medcare MSO. 

We provide professional medical billing services to guarantee that filed claims comply with applicable laws and our client gets the highest possible reimbursements. Additionally, we provide efficient medical billing audit services supported by specialized health insurance. 

Therefore, contact us at +1 800 640 6409 right now to learn more about how we can increase the profitability of your practice by streamlining your billing process.

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