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We all are aware of the fact that how important technology is to us. How we cannot even do our basic tasks without the involvement of electronic devices. It has been proven that technology has made our lives much easier and simple. It provides us with comfort. 

Moreover, technology has provided people with time. It has made our tasks much more efficient and technology has increased the overall productivity levels too. Among all the electronic devices, laptops have also become a necessity over time and it has become a part of our lives in a way we cannot avoid.

Importance of Laptops

A laptop is also known as a notebook computer as it tends to do all the work a computer does but more simply. The laptop has made our lives easier as it is portable and easy to carry. It has provided people with the ease that they can do their work or anything they want anywhere it is convenient for them. They do not need to worry about sitting near a socket. 

Furthermore, it is simple as people do not need to worry about carrying it and then later assembling it again and again. It has made the lives of several people out there much simpler. In addition to that, it has saved an immense amount of time for a lot of people. Its battery life makes it convenient for people to sit out in the fresh air and do their tasks efficiently. The battery of laptops can easily last for 5 to 6 hours.

Laptops make work way more efficient and productive. People can perform their tasks much faster and quicker.  People can use laptops for entertainment purposes, for instance; they can watch movies or read online. Apart from this laptops come immensely handy in terms of education too. As students can do their assignments and presentations very conveniently, without wasting tons of their time. TechZones provides laptop repair service in London. So, if you ever face any issue while using your laptop, feel free to contact us. We can fix all laptop problems in short period of time within low budget.

Possible Problems You Might Face While Using A Laptop

All electronic devices at some point end up with problems as they have machinery inside them which tends to get affected over time. Due to that, it causes different problems which people might face, here are a few most common problems that people might be facing.


Overheating can completely ruin the performance of your laptop, it can lead to either system being crashed or it being frozen which might end us leaving the user with a ton of issues. Usually, every electronic device especially in terms of a computer tends to heat up but laptops heat most of all. The reason behind this is that the source of ventilation in the laptop is comparatively smaller. This eventually leads to the laptop getting heated. Apart from this reason a lot of dust can also block the source of ventilation which also eventually leads to laptop heating up. Moreover, you can solve this issue simply by cleaning up the air vents of the laptop so that release the hot air out. 

The Battery Dies Quickly

After some time of using your laptop regularly the battery life of the laptop tends to get reduced and the battery dies much more quickly now. This is because over time the battery loses its ability to hold the charge.  However, it can be avoided if you switch your battery immediately once you start facing such an issue. Before major damage is done to the battery or the laptop overall.

System Crash

At times people tend to panic when their laptop doesn’t boot up. However, the solution to this problem is to simply remove the hard drive and store all the data in a USB.  Then you can show the hard drive as an external device and your problem will be solved easily.

Reasons Behind Why Your Laptop Won’t Turn On

Here are a few most common reasons why your laptop won’t turn on. At times the laptop doesn’t turn on simply because the battery is dead and the power supply to which you might have attached might not be working properly. 

At times it can also be the faulty or old hardware that isn’t letting the laptop turn on. Moreover, you can remove the battery and attach it again to make sure it works. Apart from this, it can be any sort of virus or malware too as it can lead to your laptop not turning on.

How to Fix Your Laptop When It Won’t Turn On?

There are several ways out there that you can use to make sure that you fix your laptop when it is not turning on. Here are a few most effective ones.

Make Sure It’s Not A Screen Issue

At times the screen gets black and people automatically assume that their laptop is not turning on, without even thinking about the possibility that it could be a screen issue. To make sure whether it’s a screen issue or not you need to connect the laptop to an external monitor and if the laptop will be working there but not on the LED of the laptop then that is simply just a screen issue and your laptop is fine. You can also try to increase the brightness to make sure that the screen of the laptop wasn’t dull. 

Remove Any Bootable Media Drives

If you have ever used a USB on your laptop and somehow forgot to remove it then that is the first thing you need to remove. An attached bootable media drive can lead to a laptop having startup problems.

Try Doing A Hard Restart

If your laptop turned off suddenly while you were using it can be due to an electric shock or something like that so you should try doing a hard restart.  A hard restart can be done by removing the battery of the laptop. 


At times laptops start having problems as it is machinery after all. Moreover, at times laptops do not turn on suddenly, and the screen gets black. We tend to panic. However, there is nothing to worry about as there are a few things you can do if you go through anything such.

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