How to make a youtube thumbnail using online photoshop

We are all familiar with Photoshop. I use Photoshop to design anything. Today I would like to introduce you to Photoshop which is an online-based free Photoshop. Let me introduce you to free online-based Photoshop on how to create YouTube thumbnails

What is an online photoshop alternative?

Online Photoshop Alternative is a web-based photo editor software. In simple terms, Photoshop Alternative is an alternative software to Photoshop. From now on, photo editing software like Photoshop can be found online. You can use Photoshop without downloading. 

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YouTube is a video publishing website. Numerous videos are published on YouTube every day. People who publish videos on YouTube need a thumbnail for the video. If the thumbnail of your video is not gorgeous then people will not click on your video to watch it. Also, if you have thumbnails in your video, it will look like a professional video

For this, you need professional Photoshop software. If you don’t have Photoshop on your laptop or PC, you don’t have to worry. Photoshop can now be used without installing Photoshop. Today I would like to introduce you to software that looks exactly like Photoshop. This is why it is called online photoshop. Today I will show you a youtube thumbnail through online photoshop. Here I have given step by step. We hope you enjoy the article and can create a YouTube thumbnail.

Open online photoshop alternative

Now I will show you a drone review video thumbnail on youtube with free online Photoshop. Then watch the following steps carefully

  1. You will need an internet connection to open the online Photoshop option. Connect to the Internet and go to with any browser and click Start Editing. After clicking Start Editing, you will see Now Project. Now click new project,  create a project. I have created a project, the image below is shown
  1. Now I will take a png image of a drone to review this drone. I have an image of a drone in my computer, I will open it. Click “Open ” from  “File ” on the top left side site to bring the image to the editor. And bring the image editor of the drone from the computer.
  1. Once our drone png image is installed. Now you can insert some text. Now select the text tool. And place the text on the left side of the image. In addition, there is a text layer, double click and add effects to the text of your choice.
  1. If your text is placed. Now you need to save the photo. To save, click “Export as” from “File” on the top left side of the bar. Now choose any one of the formats PNG, JPG, SVG. Last you click the save button. Then the photo will be downloaded automatically

How to make a youtube thumbnail using an online photoshop alternative. this article hopes you can create a youtube thumbnail by watching the steps carefully


You can learn how to create a YouTube thumbnail using the online Photoshop option. I have shown you as many YouTube thumbnails as possible. I hope you can create a youtube thumbnail by watching this tutorial.

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