how to register a website’s domain name

The domain name of your website is one of the most important things that you need to worry about. The domain name of your site is actually the name of your business and so you have to make sure that it aligns with your niche and is distinctive from other websites. Finding and registering the best .pk domain, .com, or any other extension is one of the first things that you have to do when starting a new website. In this post we are going to tell you about the steps involved in registering a cheap domain and hosting.

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However before choosing a domain name it is best you understand exactly what a domain name is. Each website on the internet has its own unique string of numbers known as an IP address. It is very easy for computers to memorize them but for everyday users not so much. That is where a domain name comes in, since words are easier to remember. Another major part of domains is their extension, or TLD(top level domain) in technical terms. TLDs denote the purpose of the website itself, for example .edu is designated for educational sites and .gov is meant for government websites.

Find a registrar for cheap domain and hosting

The first step is to find a reliable domain registrar. The web is filled up with an entire system of domain names and there are digital companies who are also known as domain registrars who can help you with the registration process. Today there are many companies where you can register for cheap domain and hosting. Some of the popular registrars include Webanchor, Go Daddy, and Blue host. There are hundreds of domain registrars available all across the globe. You need to find the one which provides you with the best plans. 

Select the proper domain name:

Selecting the proper domain name is vital for the success of your website. Optimally your domain name should be unique and interesting while also providing an idea of what type of service the reader may receive at your webpage. This way visitors will have an easier time remembering and perhaps even referring your website to their friends. All of this improves the SEO of your webpage which is pivotal in improving your visibility on the internet. Besides this it is generally not recommended to include numbers and special characters into your domain name, and to not have it be unnecessarily long. If the domain name is a sentence perhaps consider adding hyphens to make it easier to read.

Search the availability of your domain name you want

Now once you know what domain name you want you have to make sure that you get it checked with the best domain registrar. You have to find the name on different domain registrars and check whether it is available or not. Usually the best domain names would already be taken but you must not worry about this. The domain registration company would offer you similar or relevant domain names with the top extensions. You can pick one of the suggestions or you can also tweak your search name. Today cheap domain and hosting can be obtained under one platform.

Choose the best domain name suffix/Extension 

Another important step is to pick the best domain extension. When choosing the domain name you need to consider the extension in which it is available with. The most popular and helpful domain extensions are .com, .net, .org and .co! You have to choose the extension which suits the niche of your site. Domain registration companies can easily guide you about the best suffix for your site. There is always a chance that the domain name you want would not be available with the best suffix. In cases like these instead of going for low ranked domain extensions you need to try and find another name which suits your website niche.

Purchase the domain name and get hosting 

After finalizing the name and the extension you simply have to make the payment. You can pay the domain registrar online via your debit or credit card. You can pay your dues with cash, check, Jazzcash, easypaisa or bank transfer.  You should know that the payment would be made according to a set subscription plan. You have to either pay for a month, a year or more. After paying for the domain registrar you also have to look for the best shared hosting as it is cheaper. Many start-Up businesses use cheap hosting to host their website. I recommend trying shared hosting or budget hosting Because it is available at low prices. This is how you can get cheap domain and hosting anywhere in the world.

These are the basic steps that you have to follow if you want to register a new website. Once you register your site you can keep upgrading and renewing your plan on an irregular basis without much hassle!

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