How To Use A Video Intercom System For Security Purposes

Security is an essential investment to ensure your business is safe while reducing the risk of criminal activity. The concept is simple to use and incorporate into any commercial setting. A commercial video intercom system could be the perfect option if you’re considering adding more security to your business. The following details discuss common ways companies use intercom systems for security purposes.

Screen Incoming Foot Traffic

Businesses may use a video intercom to screen people that enter and exit the premises. The system makes it easy to screen visitors and ensures that only authorized individuals gain entry into the building. It doesn’t matter the amount of foot traffic your business gets or the size of your business. The video system helps monitor visitor activity so you don’t have to. It’s easy to spot someone who shouldn’t be on the premises, giving you the means to take action if necessary.

Simplify General Communication

A commercial door intercom makes communicating with others easier from a distance. This system offers convenience, since you don’t have to go directly to the door. If you’re busy doing something, you can seeing who is at the door before allowing them to come in. The system is also helpful for communicating with people you didn’t expect on the premises. You can give instructions or directions without leaving your spot for deliveries, drop-offs, or work-related tasks for employees. Depending on your business needs, you could add a door intercom to other areas throughout the workplace, such as conference rooms, to make conducting meetings easier and faster by reaching out to employees directly when needed.

Integrate with Existing Security

Do you have another security system or need a cost-effective way to add security on the premises? A Commercial Video Intercom system can add additional protection to an existing system. Many intercom systems can be integrated with other security equipment to provide more security. If you have questions or concerns about integrating a video intercom solution with an existing security system, discuss them with the video intercom security service provider you’re considering for installation. 

Theft Detection and Prevention

Having a commercial door intercom system helps detect and prevent theft. The video system records activity occurring on the premises. You could use the footage to file a police report and an insurance claim if damages occurred. Burglars may think twice about breaking in upon learning about a video security system. The system may also prevent employees from breaking rules. Still, if these things happen, you’ll have video evidence to help you decide how to handle the situation. 

Comfort and Peace of Mind

Investing in an intercom video system for your business brings peace of mind and comfort to you and your employees. You can take additional safety and security measures in the workplace to make screening and monitoring for visitors and employees easier.

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