ICICI Bank Launches Salute Doctors Scheme for Doctors

In 2020 the globe was hit by a deadly pandemic. COVID-19 had affected all the countries and the entire population was dependent on the healthcare system. Doctors were the most important part of the entire system. If doctors did not take the lead then we wouldn’t have been able to fight the virus. The strict lockdowns and precautions made the situation very complicated. The cases were rising and the world was simply falling short of resources. In such a desperate situation doctors unbelievable handled the entire crisis very boldly. It’s sad that even when doctors and medical professionals were doing their best few people still raised allegations about their credibility. However, the rest of the world came through to support them. 

To honour our doctors ICICI bank launched their ‘Salute Doctors’’ scheme. This scheme was launched in the year 2021. And is specially designed for doctors to provide them with a helping hand. Thus taking care of them at various stages of their life. For instance, ICICI Doctors Loan has unique provisions for doctors only. Here they can get a loan of up to 40 lakhs without collateral. 

What is the ‘Salute Doctors’ Scheme?

ICICI bank went forward and launched this scheme which is one of the most wholesome banking solutions for medical professionals and doctors. This specially designed scheme provides customised benefits to every doctor. It even helps medical students and extends its horizon to other senior professionals. This scheme is also very beneficial for clinics and hospitals. The best part about this scheme is that it offers very speedy and online solutions. It is designed for catering to the business, lifestyle, financial and professional needs of a doctor and also assists their families. ICICI Bank has launched India’s most extensive banking solution for doctors.

The bank has opened up new realms of digital and instantaneous solutions. This has been designed to suit the busy lifestyle and professional needs of individual doctors and medical professionals. The ICICI Stack is the name of the digital banking service. This platform will provide you with over five hundred solutions. This scheme by ICICI bank is specially equipped with current accounts and savings accounts devised for only doctors. Apart from that the bank also offers business credit cards for business-related or personal expenses. By offering such a comprehensive and solution-oriented proposition, the bank can now help doctors meet their banking needs. 

Salute Doctors Eligibility

You need to be at least 18 years old and above to avail of these services. You need a licence stating that you are a doctor or a medical professional. In addition to that you might need to produce one of these documents:

  • Official Medical Degree certificate
  • ID card for medical college students 
  • ID cards of hospitals ad nursing homes for salaried doctors
  • Certificate of practice 

You might also need to show the signed copy of the SOC if you wish to open a current account. 

ICICI Loan for Doctors

Much like other banks ICICI also offers you a doctor loan. This ICICI Doctors Loan is also called a business loan for doctors and other professionals. It is very convenient to borrow. You will not require any collateral or security. This ICICI business loan for doctors understands every financial requirement and offers you a specially designed scheme that will fit all your needs.

Benefits of this loan:

  • Doctors get a maximum tenure of 60 months which is more than other professionals
  • You do not need to provide any security or collateral for borrowing this loan.
  • ICICI facilitates a speedy process and a quick disbursement
  • The applicant will have to go through very menial documentation
  • Super attractive interest rates 
  • The bank provides easy repayment options
  • ICICI bank is best at providing after-sales support to its customers 

Who can get this loan?

  • Self-employed individuals and private medical firms
  • Doctors and medical professionals 
  • Private limited companies
  • LLPs 
  • Other unlisted public limited companies.
  • Self-employed architects
  • Chartered accountants 
  • Company secretaries

Additionally value services:

  1. The bank may help you with setting up your clinics. The bank has partnered with leading support providers which will offer doctors discounted prices as well. If the application needs any services related to travel, management, material procurement, etc they can get it through a dedicated concierge helpline of the bank app.
  2. The ICICI bank has tied up with a great digital concierge company which will helps doctors create their clinic’s online persona.  
  3. The bank also offers discounts for medical equipment supplies. The bank has partnered with a leading e-commerce platform that will also provide you access to important health and medical journals.

In conclusion, be it a savings account or a doctor loan ICICI bank. The institute strives its best to provide the needful. Their main aim is to offer adequate financial support and help doctors in the mission of a healthier world.

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