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AI has brought several mobile app solutions with chatbots, virtual assistants, and tech-driven tools. The technology accelerates growth, improves user experience, and enhances the value of every business that adopts AI for its applications.

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It is estimated that the market size of Artificial Intelligence will reach $1597.1 billion by 2030. That indicates that if you lay the foundation of your app today, it will turn into a successful product tomorrow. Features of AI-enabled smartphones to offer a secure and enhanced experience to their end-users. 

But that’s not it!

There are several benefits associated with this technology. You can check out this full blog to explore further. Technologies like AI, blockchain, and AR have shaped the dreams of many. If you want to expand your business with robust features, use AI for business expansion. You can take help from the mobile app development company in UAE to move further with your idea. But, first, let’s understand a little briefly about Artificial Intelligence in the section below. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The dominant companies like Google and Amazon have adopted AI to expand their reach worldwide. The virtual assistant and chatbot services contribute the most to placing these companies among the top names in the world. 

However, the use of AI will be the new normal tomorrow due to the rapid influence of this technology. According to experts, businesses enabling AI-driven solutions will expand their growth more than those still not using this tech. 

To learn more, move into the rest of the post and look at the benefits that the tech can bring. 

Why Use Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development?

Let’s take a look and get insights into the benefits of artificial intelligence. 

  1. Reasoning Automation 

Smartphones can help you find the best solutions to the toughest problems when enabled with AI. They use the analytics power to analyze users’ preferences and thus develop the most appropriate solutions. 

  1. Amalgamation with IoT

The amalgamation of AI and IoT can build various tech-driven solutions that help users get the ultimate services and support businesses fully utilizing the existing resources. Several products like smartwatches, bands, and smart rings come under the IoT; they connect with AI-enabled apps and carry out the functions when the internet is connected. The users have been provided the relevant solution as per the analysis of the virtual assistants within the application.  

  1. AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbots have been crawling towards the industries and bridging the gap between consumers and businesses. They work like robots that imitate human actions and resolve the user’s queries and problems through chats. 

Many businesses are adopting chatbots to reduce the cost of hiring customer care executives. Users generally ask the same question, and it is better to have the same work at a reduced price. Various platforms provide chatbot services worldwide; you can connect with the best mobile app development company in UAE to develop your app featured with this tool. 

  1. Facial Recognition 

Facial Recognition is a security feature that lets users unlock their smartphones by showing their faces. Apple uses the most dynamic AI-enabled Facial Recognition to identify users even after wearing glasses and growing a beard. It is one of the most dynamic technologies that will expand further in the future. 

Besides, it ensures restrictions to kids from accessing any inappropriate means on the internet. The healthcare sector can also use this solution to scan the patients’ faces and recognize their symptoms and diagnosis. Facial Recognition has substituted the conventional ways of login and provided a high-graded way of fraud detection. 

  1. Real-Time Translations

Incorporating AI-enabled translators into your apps means no additional apps to translate the language inside them. This feature of Artificial intelligence technology helps entrepreneurs expand their product growth globally as everyone can understand everything inside the application. Also, the user gets everything in one place without downloading any additional apps on their smartphones. 

To Sum it Up!

We hope you understand everything regarding AI and its impact and importance in mobile app development. Artificial Intelligence will expand further and grab the utmost portion of the market, so it’s high time to invest in your own app powered by this technology. 

The best mobile app development company in UAE helps you derive solutions for your project. So, make sure to connect with them and let your idea go skyrocket. However, if you have any queries and questions regarding the post, let us know in the comment section. We will help you sort out the issue in a possible time. 

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