Evening Desert Safari

As one of the most sought-after attractions worldwide, Dubai never fails to bring excitement to every avid traveler. This city has everything for its guests, from luxurious Evening Safari and luxury suites for honeymoon tours to beautiful vacation destinations.

 You are guaranteed to find the best of everything. Suppose you’ve just moved to Dubai or are on vacation for a few days. You will experience the experience of a lifetime, especially for those who love excitement and games.

 There is no better place than Dubai. Dubai will excite you with incredible adventures. High-rise helicopter tour and jet skis on hot air balloons Like a desert safari. However, everything is as amazing as you can imagine.

 But the evening desert safari in Dubai still ranks high. Of the funniest things you can do when in the Dubai Desert, safaris will amaze visitors with the amazing attractions, fun games, and activities and adventures. This article will discover all you need to know about an evening desert safari. and why you should try

What is a Desert Evening Desert Safari?

The evening desert safari begins in the late afternoon. If you choose a reputable company such as Desert Evening Safari, you will be picked up from your location before being taken to the desert area.

 It’s Desert Safari Adventure, starting with a dune bashing session that lasts. Between 30 and 40 minutes, this exciting experience will maximize your senses and deliver memorable moments. You’ll enjoy an adrenaline-pumping experience as the Dubai Desert’s 4×4 dunes swirl along the dunes. 

When you’re done, be transported to Desert Safari Camp, where many exciting activities await visitors to make your experience even more enjoyable. This includes belly dancing and stargazing. Beautiful paintings with henna, Camel rides on sandboards and much more if you’re tired. 

You’ll find the perfect atmosphere for sleeping in the dark under a starry sky. and listening to soothing Arabic music. It’s a different taste for non-Arabs and can lift your mood. And finally, a delicious and filling dinner will be served with international barbecue.

Things to do on an evening desert safari:

Try skiing on sand:

Sand skiing is a popular and exciting element of Desert Safari with board skis. You will be able to ski on the dunes. Get your adrenaline pumping and have an unforgettable experience.

 Although it may seem scary But it’s not a problem. You should fall. The soft sand will grab the skier. It’s very easy, and everyone should participate in this exciting activity on a desert adventure.

Let’s ride a camel:

Another popular activity to do in the desert is camel riding. Camels are amazing desert animals that have been ridden for centuries. They let you soak in the beauty of the desert as they take you to camp on their horses.

 Enjoy the sunset as you ride a camel along the highest dunes to the campsite. which has a drink and dinner menu

Riding a Dune Buggy:

Driving a 4×4 buggy during a Dubai excursion into the dunes is one of the most exciting experiences. This session lasts from 30 to 40 minutes and will be exciting.

 You will have a unique experience full of unforgettable memories. You’ll be thrilled with an adrenaline-pumping adventure as your car flies over the dunes above.

Don’t forget to click the picture:

It’s essential to have a camera with you when you visit the Dubai desert. You won’t want to miss the beautiful scenery of the breathtaking scenery. Recording these memories will help you keep them for the rest of your life.

To summarize it:

With these facilities onboard, We guarantee you will enjoy your time travelling. Explore our services for professional and affordable costs.

 Desert Evening Safari has the most suitable package for you, including all the benefits listed above. Contact us now to book your desert safari to make the most of your Dubai vacation.

Desert Safari Evening Deals

The real deal is that it’s not the only one, however. If you are looking for a peaceful New Year’s Eve, The evening deal is for you. Book with us to experience the beauty of the desert as the sun sets over the sand.

 It’s the perfect way to end the year. Bring family and friends. Let’s end the year by enjoying the chilly breeze in your hair and the serene yet mesmerizing view of the desert in front of you.

Package includes:

  • Pick up time: about 2 PM.
  • Return time: 9:00pm
  • Henna painting for women and children
  • Arabic coffee

No matter which option you choose, It will be a good choice. You won’t regret it because it’s very different. There is a lot to enjoy with every package.

 It is possible to start the new year 2022 with full enthusiasm. This time, enjoy New Year’s Eve celebrations in 2022 with Desert Evening Safari.

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