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Enterprise-level, multi-account, and agencies rejoice! Your accounts’ streamlined reporting dashboards are now all visible in one place.

All users of Google Ads will soon have access to Manager Account (MCC)-level reporting.

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Adaptations to Reporting

You could only examine reports at the level of a single account before. If this viewpoint has restricted you, you are aware of the fight. Shifting between accounts to monitor performance takes a lot more time and effort.

Individual account views also presented the challenge of making it challenging for advertisers to quickly identify possible problems and business opportunities.

With this modification, the manager account level can now use the dashboards feature. Below is an illustration of an MCC-level dashboard.

Specific Dashboard Updates

Along with the manager account-level view ability update, Google advertising pay per click Ads also enhanced and updated other dashboard elements. Scan a Complete Website in Minutes

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The dashboards will be quicker to display and simpler to use as a result of these changes:

Change the dashboard’s filters and date ranges all at once. Add rich formatting options, interactive table cards, and conditional formatting. Downloading reports more quickly and in better quality. Dynamically resize dashboard cards and layouts

Make a dashboard card by pasting existing reports onto it. The Location of MCC Dashboards. Your dashboards are simple to locate.

First, navigate to “Reports” in the Google Ads manager account’s top section.

Figuring out the best way to access your MCC dashboard view.

Image credit: Author-taken screenshot from April 2022

From there, you may access sample dashboards, already-created dashboards, and the ability to create a new dashboard.

The sample dashboard might help you get started visually if you’re unclear of where to start when creating your dashboard.

Homepage for Google Ads dashboards at the MCC level.

Image credit: Author-taken screenshot from April 2022

It is a game-changer for advertisers to have access to particular metrics at the manager account level.

This new Google Ads feature offers a number of advantages, including:

Time savings for managing accounts

Proactively identify prospective problems or chances that could be advantageous to many accounts.

Improved account management

A higher-quality report download option

It’s important to remember the last point about obtaining reports in a higher quality.

If you work for an agency or a large corporation, you can immediately provide a high-level overview of how the business is faring.

It can occasionally be challenging to hold C-Suite executives—or anyone above the account manager—attention.

They can get all the information they need quickly if you have a high-level report that shows where the opportunities are or where you need to spend more time focusing.


All advertisers can see the Manager Accounts dashboard views. You can begin by recreating the views from your individual account dashboards at the account level.

If you’re starting from scratch when developing dashboards, consider how you may include particular metrics that make sense for the decisions you’re making. You can create separate dashboards for various audiences and add the information that makes the most sense to each group.

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