India Diesel Genset Market

India Diesel Genset Market is expected to grow significantly in the approaching years. Commercial locations have the most generators since offices, hotels, hospitals, retail malls, metro, and railway stations, and other venues require a consistent power supply.  According to 6Wresearch India Diesel Generator Market Size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% during 2019-2025. Moreover, with rapid urbanization and industrialization, the demand for high-capacity diesel generator sets is increasing in the country. 

COVID-19 Impact on India Diesel Genset Market

According to the Ministry of Power, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed generator sales in the country since national blackouts reduced demand for energy from 190198 million units in 2019 to 1275534 million units in 2020. From 2019 to 2020, the demand-supply imbalance was reduced from 6566 million units to 4871 million units. This was due to the suspension of the metro, train services air, and transport, as well as the shutdown of most manufacturing plants and commercial hubs.

The pandemic had a negative impact on the India Diesel Genset Market. owing to the shutting down of production operations to stop the disease from spreading. Furthermore, due to the lockdown of many offices, hotels, airports, and commercial institutions, including retail stores, the production of diesel gensets was temporarily decreased, and demand for diesel gensets in 2020 was also reduced. The reduction in demand in a price drop for diesel gensets slowed the market’s expansion even more.


India Diesel Generator Market is divided into the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. Gensets for the business sector are expected to have the highest revenue share in the future. This is mostly due to the increasing need for diesel generators in places including telecom towers, commercial buildings, hospitals, and hotels, among other places.

In addition, increasing cloud acceptance among the public and major industry participants, telecommunications firms focused on high-speed services, and the construction of collocation and captive data centres are expected to fuel demand and reputation for these gensets in the future.

In terms of volume, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Bihar, and Telangana, are expected to create about half of the demand for India diesel generators in India in 2018. This is due to increased regional demand for these gensets in a variety of applications, such as telecom towers, residential facilities, building projects, and manufacturing plants, to supply prime and auxiliary power requirements.

Key Findings of India Diesel Genset Market Report

The most popular DG sets in India are those with a power rating of 5 kilovolt-Ampere (kVA) to 75 kVA, which are in high demand from residential facilities, small industries, restaurants, commercial, and telecom towers, and complexes.

India Diesel Generator Market Growth Forecast 2025

Uttar Pradesh dominates the market, with investments in the construction sector booming. The Purvanchal Expressway, Bundelkhand Expressway, Ganga Expressway, Gorakhpur–Azamgarh Link Expressway, and Noida International Airport are currently the five largest construction projects in the state (Jewar Airport).

The largest companies in India’s DG set market are Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, Greaves Cotton Limited, Ashok Leyland Limited, VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, Cummins India Ltd., Mahindra Powerol Ltd., Caterpillar Inc., Kohler Power India Ltd., Cooper Corporation Pvt. Ltd., and Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited.

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