Instructions For Drawing Doraemon

Doraemon is an animated character from a Japanese manga and television series. This animation is about a robot feline from the future and his human companion named Nobita Nobi.

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Doraemon is so popular that children worldwide watch his TV show and read the manga series. Certainly, Doraemon is probably the most popular character ever in Japan.

If you love the Doraemon program, this piece-by-piece drawing guide will show you how to draw your own special Doraemon. This feline animation is mainly made up of rounded circular shapes with curved lines and some straight lines forming hair.

Instructions For Drawing Doraemon

Step 1

Draw two egg-shaped ovals near the center of the page. Draw two small rings inside these shapes, then, at this point, fill them in to make the irises.

Step 2

Draw a circle between the two eyes, ensuring it covers the left eye. Define a folded vertical border below the circle, then draw a flat line that joins the two stops.

Step 3

Draw a free circular shape around the face to create the head. The circle does not have to be 100 percent.

Step 4

Use six straight lines on either side of the face to create the bristles, then add two-fold lines to define the face.

Step 5

Make a long noodle shape under the head to make the collar. Draw a spiral near the middle of the collar, then draw another nodal shape on the circle to create a ring tone. Draw a much smaller circle along the bottom fold line. Draw a curve inside the more modest circle and fill it to create a crescent moon shape.

Step 6

On the left side, define slightly folded borders and interface them with a larger circle. Make sure the circle has a somewhat level base. On the right side, draw an ellipse with another circle below.

Step 7

Draw a large circle near the right half of the body to create the right foot. Define a short fold outline near the top, then, at this point, draw a different line that wraps towards the body.

Step 8

Draw another large oval on one side of the body to make the other foot. Connect both feet with a line that curves upwards. On the left is drawn a curved line that dips downward like a valley and then rises again. It forms the left half of the body.

Step 9

Inside the body, use two-fold lines to circle the belly. Inside this shape, draw a semicircle that appears as a smiling face.

To complete your drawing, frame it with a pen and erase the extra lines.

Step 10

Since you have your own Doraemon, change the nose and collar to a bright red color. Use yellow or gold for the color tone, then, at this point, color the blue outside the body. Keep the rest of the white attractive to match the Doraemon animation.

Drawing Completed

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