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The animation industry in India has grown tremendously in recent years, thanks to the growing demand for cartoons. With its diverse culture and many talented artists, India is now one of the world’s fastest growing animation markets. There demand for skilled professionals of 2D or 3D animation are growing day by day. Huge manpower requirement is there in this animation sector. So if you want to break into this industry then it is the right time for you to jump in. Hence, without wasting much time; let’s jump into the article.   

Industry outlook 

The Indian animation market is growing at a relatively fast rate, mainly because of the country’s rapidly growing population. Several factors are influencing the growth of the animation industry in India; one of these factors is that Indian animators have become aware and interested in upgrading their skills and professional knowledge. The result has been that more people are taking interest in learning how to animate and working on their animation development. Every industry needs animators. Starting from education sector to health and wellness. Research projects that by the year 2028, the global market for 3D animation would be worth of  USD 39.96 billion. A CAGR of 11.7 % was most recently recorded from 2021 to 2028. This sector is one of the fastest-growing industry worldwide, according to a recent survey of precedence Research. In recent years, animation has established itself as well defined career path along with excellent employment opportunities. It is one of the best professions for someone who loves being creative. A talented animation expert has a tonne of career opportunities, and this field is thriving in the professional world.Along with that with the arrival of special effects, now the animation industry holds a special place in almost each and every industry. As there is a scarcity in the supply pipeline of  skilled animation professionals. Therefore, the demand of the skilled professional animators continues to grow every year. Hence, there is a huge scope of animation in India. 

What is the Demand of the Animation Sector ?

One of the most profitable profession possibilities now available, animators’ prospects and salaries have grown exponentially in our nation. Demand for skilled animators has led to more employment openings and a rise in interest in animation. Professionals in the animation industry are in high demand. A survey claims that the animation sector needs more than 30,000 professionals each year. Learn:

What is animation and what are its types.

As a result of well-known studios like Walt Disney, Dream Works Entertainment, and Sony Pictures outsourcing their work to India. And as a result the creative people won’t face any obstacles and will have a proper job security as well. These days, almost every industry needs animators, including game development studios, advertising agency, IT companies, film production companies, and many more.

How Animation Courses can be Beneficial for your Career?

If you keep up with the latest animations or learn how to tell stories using animations in your everyday life, you will be able to boost your confidence and can improve your self-esteem as well. As we have mentioned earlier, animation is a widely used form of media in order to share information and express ideas more effectively on certain occasions such as TV commercials or even political speeches. Not only that with time the animation has entered in each and every industry. Starting from medical to education. Most of these reasons mean that learning how to animate is a must for most young people.

Animation courses are one of the most in-demand items for higher education today. 

If you’re interested in animating professionally, you need to learn how to create short animated films with setups and shots—but there are many ways to do so as a student. Animation courses typically provide students with certificates that can be used to get work placements or jobs, which will help them gain experience while they’re young and flexible enough to change direction when they need to. You can also choose to pursue animation as a passion rather than as a job, but working in the industry means that you need to be very serious about it.

Animation Courses and Their Advantages

Animation is an interesting profession that combines creativity with technology, and if you enjoy computers or art, this might be your best choice. It’s also a way to make money without having to get an office job, or you might work in an office as well. So if you want to work in an artistic career but remain flexible with your schedule and location, this might be the solution. In addition, animation provides excitement and offers opportunities for rewarding careers in movies and television shows.
Animation courses build confidence and allow people to practice their skills before entering the hardcore workforce. You’ll also get an amazing opportunity to interact with other people who have similar interests and goals as you do, so it’s also a great place to make new friends—and potentially even future collaborators. There are reputed institutes those are providing animation courses in Kolkata.

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