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A Kurta is the best example of combining Indian and Western aesthetics, as well as traditional and contemporary styles. They are in style right now, and short girls can look beautiful wearing them. They have always been a trend in fashion, and in today’s fashion world, we see celebrities wearing them with a shrug and other accessories. However, finding a kurta for a short-heightened girl that fits her body type and length is challenging. Moreover, the majority of ethnic kurtas are tailored to fit taller body types, but being short doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. Rather markets are filled with new designer kurtas like black straight Kurta, Angrakha kurtas, and slit kurtas for all short-height girls. In the blog, we’ll share with you a few nice short girl kurtas that can be worn on various occasions. Check out these kurtas for girls with short height.

Fashionable Angrakha Kurta

Are flares your favourite style? If yes, you should not hesitate to buy a stylish Angrakha kurta as a gift for yourself. The Angrakha kurta will give you the appearance of being taller and more stylish because of its long silhouette. Dress up in an Angrakha style kurta made of lightweight fabric and add a pendant, stud earrings, a bracelet, and flats or heels according to your preference to complete the look. You can wear an Angrakha-style kurta on a wide range of occasions, including day parties, casual get-togethers, family gatherings, and many more.

Simple Straight Cut Kurta

Kurtas with a straight cut can be the best option for girls with short heights. It is always a good idea to wear a long, straight kurta so as to extend the length of your appearance. If you want to give yourself a taller appearance, you can pair it with palazzos and pants that flow in the same direction as the kurta to give you that beautiful look while making them look taller. In addition, straight-cut kurtas also have a wide selection of print, pattern, embellishment, and design variations. Thus, you should choose a straight-cut kurta with printed and embellished details according to the occasion for which you will be attending and wearing it.

Beautiful Printed Kurtas

For a short-height girl, printed kurtas are another top option that she can choose from. However, in order to make short women appear taller, it is important to avoid wearing large prints and loud colours. Prints that are loud draw the eye of the viewer to the small frames of short women. A vertical stripe on a kurta for a short-height girl, on the other hand, is able to stretch the appearance and make short women appear taller than they really are. Therefore, short women should choose modest and dainty prints when it comes to choosing prints for their clothing.

Long Kurta

Wearing a kurta isn’t just about the good fit, the brilliant colour, and the stunning design. However, there are many more things to consider as well. For example, in order to look slimmer, you should try long kurtas with narrow pants because they will give you a more slender look, giving you the impression that you are taller. Long kurtas with heavy embellishments are also very popular for parties, family and wedding gatherings, and other functions like this. Moreover, short-height girls can even wear long kurtas as everyday outfits while maintaining a simple look.

Elegant Deep Neck Kurtas

When you are shopping for kurtas, you should choose kurtas that have a deep or V-neck design. Taking a closer look at the fit, colour, and print isn’t enough to make a decision. However, there is also a great deal of emphasis placed on neck designs when it comes to ethnic kurtas. As a result, if you are looking to wear a kurta with a deep neckline like a V-neck kurta or one with a sweetheart’s neck, you should choose a style that will make your neck look more slender & taller as compared to those with collars or closed necklines. For instance, if you are going to a day party, choose an off white kurta for ladies having a deep neck, and slay the occasion.

Dark-Hued Kurtas

For small, heightened girls, wearing darker tones is a clever way to appear taller than they are. The darker and solid colours, such as black, blue, maroon, and grey, give the illusion that short girls are taller. In addition, an elegant long kurta that comes with a matching palazzo gives short women a tall and full appearance. These kurtas are perfect for wearing on a variety of occasions, including gatherings with friends, travelling and many other things. Furthermore, with dark-hued kurtas, you’ll be able to slay wherever you go by pairing them with contrasting earrings and footwear.


These are some of the latest kurta styles that the short heightened girls can wear to look prominent in Kurtas. So if you are also looking for a taller look in Kurtas, just follow these styles & rock the floor. If you are also looking for a taller look in Kurtas, just wear these kurta styles & rock the floor.

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