Introduction of Migraine

Many people are suffering from this pain. It is not tolerable. Suddenly, it feels like a wave of pain from the eyes, forehead, jaw, mouth, and side of the head, and it affects the nerves of the brain.. Migraine is a neurological symptom, it came from the Latin word “ Hemicrania” meaning “ half” (Hemi) and “skull” (crania). It was introduced by Galenus of Pergamon to specify the pain across one side of the head while migraine. He was advised that the pain began from the vasculature and meninges of the head. It is a vascular migraine, but the main cause of migraine is still not understood. It has two types of migraine with aura means (classical migraine) loses the visualization of lines, shapes, and flashes for 10-30 minutes, and without aura means formerly common migraine. Migraines will get physical activity like the smell, sounds, tension, alone, depression, and fear. It may be treated at least 3-4 days or even a day. Migraine is not dangerous, But its painful condition will affect your life. It may be caused by the 5th cranial (trigeminal) nerve being accelerated.

How to control Migraine pain fast

  • Try a Cold Pack
  • Use a Heating Pad or Hot Compress
  • Ease Pressure on Your Scalp or Head
  • Dim the Lights
  • Try Not to Chew.
  • Hydrate
  • Get Some Caffeine.
  • Practice Relaxation
  • Head massage
  • Drink Ginger tea
  • Use the ginger paste on the head
  • Take medicine
  • Try to sleep

  Some Home Remedy for Migraine.

  • Avoid chocolates, sausages, meat, beans, Dried Fruits, Dairy products, ice cream, cold drinks, bacon, and meat that may trigger a migraine attack. Sometimes caffeine may ease migraine attacks.
  • Inhaling a  Lavender oil with a carrier oil applied a little bit on temples.
  • Try acupuncture, it may ease migraine attacks.
  • Look for feverfew, it’s a flowering herb that looks like a daisy and treats for a migraine attack. It is the best remedy for migraine. But there is no evidence that it may be more effective to treat migraine.
  • Apply peppermint oil to help to prevent migraine, The researcher suggested that peppermint oil is more effective in migraine.
  • Ginger is more beneficial in curing migraine attacks and nausea. The study found Ginger is very good to understand its usefulness in migraine attacks.
  • Sign up for yoga, meditation, exercise, and body posture to treat health, yoga is a more effective way to cure migraine attacks.
  • Try Biofeedback is a therapy to control stress. At the time of therapy, electrodes are put on the skin to monitor physiologic processes, and change stress, blood pressure, muscle tension, and heartbeat. These therapies have no side effects and they could be good for some people.
  • Add magnesium to your diet, its deficiency may cause headaches and migraine attacks. Magnesium supplements may help to treat migraine with aura, and also prevent menstrual migraine(hormone headache). Magnesium is also found in foods that may prevent migraines.
  1. Almonds
  2. sesame seeds
  3. sunflower seeds
  4. Fennel seeds
  5. Walnut
  6. Brazil nuts
  7. Cashew nuts
  8. peanut butter
  9. Oatmeal
  10. Eggs
  11. Milk
  • Massage will help to bring down the frequentness of migraine, it is related to low serotonin in the brain and massage will increase the serotonin in the brain. But there is no evidence to prove that the use of massage helps to ease migraine.
  • Stay hydrated to prevent migraine for dehydration. On the report of the American Migraine Foundation, a third of people with migraine appear dehydration and migraine activation. Drink a lot of water when exercising and also on hot days to prevent migraine attacks..
  • Take good sleep, When you get a migraine attack and also at the same time at night every day, and avoid caffeine may cause migraines, poor sleep quality may increase the frequency of migraine..
  • Apply stress management techniques, According to the Headache Foundation Society, 80 percent of people suffer migraines from stress. This process may help to reduce migraine prevalence.
  • Butterbur is a plant that grows in Asia, Europe, and North America. According to a report by the Academy of American Neurology, it may help to prevent migraine attacks. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Trusted Source suggests only utilizing pyrrolizidine alkaloid-free butterbur products. Please consult your Doctor before taking butterbur, it can damage the lungs, liver, and blood circulation of the body.

Conclusion:-If you have the following symptoms that are mentioned here, try first home remedies to ease migraine, If you are not able to participate in your favorite activities. But the above remedies might help to prevent migraine. You can speak to others who understand what is going on in your situation. Even then you are not getting relief from home remedies, then consult your concerned Doctor and speak about all the symptoms, frequency, and interference with your life. Trying Online Pharmacy may help to prevent migraines.

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