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Watching movies for free comes with a lot of side thoughts; what if the movie downloading website is corrupted? What if your system or device gets infected by a virus or bug? And not all of us can have the financial ability to purchase hefty premiums from platforms like Netflix and Amazon. We ought to find the mid-ground and solutions to both concerning problems and hence comes the websites that offer free content and are supposedly secure to use. 

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We bring you a list of 7 secure and free movie streaming websites. Check them out!

1. YoMovies

When talking about an online website where you can find a range of movie genres in different video formats, YoMovies holds a considerable position. This free movie downloading website not only offers a plethora of options to crave your entertainment needs, but it is also a secure place to trust. You can download movies in multiple languages like English and Hindi, to regional Indian languages like Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, etc. 

With a vast library and easy-to-use interface, YoMovies is one of the best online movie-downloading websites you can opt for. 

2. Putlocker

Putlocker is yet another free and secure movie downloading website you can choose from, depending on your preferences. This website features a smaller interface which is helpful for easy navigation and helps the users to locate their desired content easily. The movies and web series are sorted into Genre, Country, News, Top IMDb, Movies, etc. So you easily navigate what you are looking for and get ready for a relaxing movie night. 

One of the only things that nag the users in Putlocker is its continuous pop-ups and advertisements. 

3. Watch Free

Moving forward with the third movie downloading website, Watch Free. It is an absolutely amazing website with various content (movies, videos and web series) to entertain its users, from action to full-fledged romance. You will certainly not be disappointed with the vast library and simple-to-navigate interface. Like Putlocker, movies and other content is classified into Genre, Top Viewed, Most Favourite, etc., so wait no more and download the trending movies of your choice. 

But we must remind you about the pop-ups, they can lead to misleading pages and you have to close them manually.

4. Vumoo

Vumoo, sounds cute, right? The cuter are its features. It is an online website offering movies in different languages, from English to Hindi and different genres. You can enjoy the movie content here for absolutely no cost. Action, Romance, Comedy, Fictional, Mythological, Motivational, Sci-fi, there is no limit on the options and you are certainly not going anywhere for some time, after finding your way to Vumoo. 

Additionally, it offers users the option to download data from 270 mp to 720 mp, adding a reason to be on the best online movie downloading website. 

5. HD Movies

There is hardly anybody who can not agree with HD Movies being among the best websites offering free movies and web series content. It’s a free and safe website with a vast library of content to choose from. From movies in languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi, etc., to movies in different genres; Comedy, Fantasy, Fictional, Romance, Action, Sci-fi, etc., you can find absolutely anything on HD Movies. 

It has a large fanbase, whose first choice for downloading free and authentic movies and web series online is HdMovies.

6. Yes! Movies

The last on our list, Yes! Movies is a free and secure movie-downloading website. It’s one of the best websites which allow users to binge movies and series of all genres and time duration. If you are craving a classic movie, Yes! Movies can be the right place to start.

If your mind is wondering how these websites offer free content, the answer is simple; these online websites upload pirated content from third-party content providers. So yes, these websites are illegal to use and you must take precautions and beware of possible results.

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