During the nine-day fasting festival of Navratri, which we celebrate in honor of the goddess Durga, special meals are prepare. ‘Vrat ka Khana,’ also known as sattvic food, which is known as being clean and well-balanced, is another name for this kind of exceptional meal. Now imagine that you are traveling while on a fast and receive nothing from the Navratri food menu. It seems worrying. 

In order to assist passengers during this wonderful holiday, Zoop is now distributing Food Delivery in Train for Navratri Special Foods. As a result, you can now put all of your concerns about fasting during puja to rest. The Sattvic diet of Navratri might thus be benefited from by travelers who are fasting. Finding the correct food becomes more challenging when traveling. By offering the ideal option, online meals on trains can resolve this issue. These services make ordering food much more convenient and assist you in finding safe and hygienic food to eat.

How To Order Satvik Food During Navratri In Train:  

You’re therefore on the train, unhappy since it isn’t moving, and you wish the vendors would move along more quickly. They aren’t, in fact. You’re going to learn from me how to successfully place food orders on trains. In India, the individual who isn’t carrying food for the train must stand outside in all types of weather, and track-side is the best location. You can order Navratri food from the top train food delivery app while riding any train in India. The products sold by this service provider include Sabudana khichdi , fruits, juices, Navratri thali,Kheer, and other foods. They also frequently sell both fresh food and pre-packaged food. Through their website, www.zoopindia.com, you can also place a food order.

In order-to-order food on train, use a mobile app. This software also advises which car(s) or vehicle number(s) are available for this service. Each professional applicant is given a designat commuter car as per common practice in order to communicate with customers.

Zoop And Hygiene Of Navratri Food: 

Travelers can order food online with Zoop. It makes it easier for its users to get Food Delivery in Train from the convenience of their homes and trains and have it delivered with only a few clicks to the train. A variety of puree veg food are available at food on Train from well-known eateries. Through this service, you can order them in large quantities or one at a time. The nicest aspect of food on Train’s service is that everything is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about sanitation or safety anymore. You can place a food order without leaving your house, hotel room, or even the train.

Food is now being delivered on the Indian Railway by Zoop, an Indian food delivery firm. They operate throughout all of India and deliver food to all trains and stations. To make eating on trains secure and hygienic is their goal. They have teamed up with well-known eateries so that they may offer a choice of dishes when traveling.

This Is How One Can Place A Food Order Via The Official Website Of Zoop:

To order your sattvic food on the train and choose your preferred delivery station, simply enter your correct PNR number. Your food will arrive at your berth nearly immediately. Let’s see how? 

1 Visit the official eCatering website of Zoop at https://www.ecatering.Zoop.co.in/.

2 To continue, enter your ten-digit PNR number and click the arrow.

3 Choose your meal from the list of available quick service restaurants, outlets, and cafés.

4 Place the order and decide on the method of payment. Either online payment or cash on delivery are options.

5 After you place your order, you get your food at your seat or bed.

In addition to adhering to all required healthy procedures, Zoop is an official partner of the IRCTC online meal delivery booking service and has highly automated technology. Long train journey planning takes time, but Zoop lightens the load so you may relax and sleep while traveling.

What You Can Order In Sattvic Food:


1) Fresh coconut, sabudana, and peanuts are used to make aloo chaap.

2) Crispy Sabudana Tikki that’s been deep-fried and served with creamy curd

Primary Dish:

1) Paneer Makhmali and Sabudana Khichdi Navratri Thali, which consists of Paneer Makhmali and Sabudana Khichdi, Singhara Aloo Paratha, Aloo Chaap, Arbi Masala, and Sitaphal Kheer.

2) Kofta Curry, Sabudana Khichdi Navratri Thali with Sabudana Khichdi, Singhara Aloo Paratha, Kofta Curry, Arbi Masala, Aloo Chaap, and Sitaphal Kheer.

3) Paneer Makhmali, Parathas, and Arbi Masala Thali, which consists of Singhara Aloo Paratha, Paneer Makhmali, and Arbi Masala.

4) Sabudana Khichdi, a dish cooked with sabudana and served with curd and tempered with mustard seeds, green chilies, and toasted peanuts


1) Sitaphal Kheer, a dessert prepared with cream, apple pulp, and fresh custard

Purchase pure and sattvic meals while traveling on Indian Railways during this current Navratri season. Zoop is the best app for sattvic food that you can get on the train. 

Zoop provides further assistance to travelers in addition to helping you organize your food orders and arrange for delivery. You may check the PNR status, train schedule, coach position, and platform number of your train in addition to placing food orders on trains.

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