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You may have recently purchased an office or already own an existing one. Whatever be it, prevailing work environment does have a greater say on your employee’s working ability and productivity. An improperly equipped and uncomfortable office will only make your employees to feel stressed out very quickly. It will also hamper their health and working ability. It is for this reason, it is important to ensure that the office space is designed professionally to promote better health and work. 

Better impression

A well created and defined office space is sure to offer myriads of benefits. Besides allowing your employees to work to their optimum, it also leaves a better and long-lasting impression upon visitors, partners, vendors and clients alike. This, in turn, is sure to boost your brand reputation and create that magical first-impression that you may strive to derive. It is essential to ensure success of your business in both short and long-term. Hence, pay proper attention to office appearance. 

Design tips to make your office appear like being designed by a professional

  • Keep it open: An old, stuffy office is not likely to promote good health or work productivity. Employees working in such conditions are likely to get tired very soon. Most offices tend to feature plenty of good lighting, light curtains and large windows. Bigger office buildings might feature private offices meant for the executives and common, open-plan working spaces. To make it more open, interior design company in Delhi suggest light window coverings. Instead of curtains, use shutters and shades. 
  • Wall storage: You may consider creating few shelves or cabinets to store crucial documents or to keep books. You may even combine cabinets and shelves to be used at the same area along with a single wall. Doing this will make the space to appear much smaller than it actually is in case there are places everywhere. Research on the different available materials for cabinets, styling options online. Find out what will fit precisely your office theme and choose wisely. 
  • Bring in nature: A better way to uplift employee and office spirits will be to ensure that the decor is incorporated with different natural elements. For this, you may consider nature inspired artwork, flowers, indoor plants, etc. You may even have a natural colour palette or theme that can transform your old office into something professional. It will also make it appear exciting to your employees. Choose plants like Chrysanthemums, Dwarf Date Palm and Devil’s Ivy as they can clean the atmosphere. 
  • Clear a pathway: Your office space should have clear pathways allowing employees and others to move around freely. There should be no obstruction in-between the pathway and others working around should not get disturbed in any manner. Hence, the furniture and fixtures should be arranged carefully within the open space to avoid inconvenience. However, for certain places such as the office cafeteria, this particular rule can simply be disregarded. Here, dining tables can be scattered around without any worry. 
  • Wall decor: It should not be overwhelming, but something simple and effective. It needs to provide an opportunity to display your professional achievements and certifications as well. Otherwise, you may even consider including large statement painting, posters and a few text-based art. It will provide the room with the right feel and atmosphere. In case you decide to keep large statement piece, then ensure the wall is devoid of other decorations except a few wall-mounted lamps for highlighting the art work. 
  • Break area: It is important for every person to take frequent breaks from the otherwise hectic schedule. It offers the mind and the body with sufficient relaxation and rejuvenates it. What your office requires is a room that offers everyone the opportunity to unwind and relax without having to go outside. This place may also double as the area for teams to strategize and discuss the next targets or outcomes to achieve. It should have comfortable couches, books, simple games, espresso machines or coffee maker, etc. 
  • Good lighting: Perhaps, one vital thing that your office is proper lighting. This will not only make your small office space to seem large, but also improve the health of your employees. It is equally good for optical health while boosting work productivity. It also develops the right atmosphere and appears welcoming. On the other hand, poorly lit space is likely to appear strange, shady and gloomy. Always aim to get more natural light to make the office space practical and well-lit. 

Brand image

Whatever you plan to choose for your office, make sure to take the right decision that will favour everyone. The design chosen for every room should be in sync with your brand identity and company’s image. General office space is rather not simply on displaying your personal taste, rather it is more about ensuring your clients are conveyed with the right message and impression.

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