Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

The Overnight Desert Safari Dubai is more than a dream? It’s the perfect time to take advantage of Our Overnight Safari package will bring the best experience, tranquility, and happiness to your daily life.

Luxurious Enjoy Overnight Desert Safari Dubai cost Incl all-night support the Overnight desert safari Dubai cost. We’re offering the opportunity to experience the most stylish and elegant Arabian camp under Dubai’s gloomy desert night sky. 

Take advantage of an overnight desert safari, which is a fantastic combination of adventure-based activities, eating, traditional entertainment, and camping in the middle of a desert with no other people and endless desert sands.

When you book the night safari package, we provide private tents, blankets, and sleeping bags to ensure a comfortable night’s stay. Belly dance is a steamy, pulsating, and pleasant way to impress guests in the desert camp. Exotic belly dancers from the desert safari will enthrall you with their dancing abilities.

Desert safari and an overnight stay in Dubai

A desert safari that includes an overnight stay in Dubai can be an ideal option if you are looking for a low-cost hotel stay in Dubai in the evening, and thrilling desert safari adventures. We offer our valued visitors and visitors by providing the following options for the overnight safari:

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Deals, Camping, Private Rooms, Tents, Sleeping bags & breakfast

We offer the most luxurious overnight desert safari Dubai packages that provide all the amenities and adventures that are similar to the desert safari in the evening. You will receive the next Day’s Morning breakfast, which is irresistibly delicious tea in the Morning air of Deserts. 

There are restrooms and toilet facilities at the Desert campsite. Take a trip to the desert for a night of unforgettable fun and relax at a custom Desert camping spot with us.

Do you want to create memories that you can be able to look back at and feel happy over it? Then the hot rods Tourism overnight desert safari is one you should not be missing out on.

 Why? Because a night spent in the Arabian Desert will make you feel a part of a story you won’t forget. There is the option of stargazing or U.F.O. exploration during the overnight safari experience.

The Arabian Desert is famously known for its beautiful nighttime views and enchanting experiences. Stunning views and engaging activities let you explore the distinctive tradition in The Arabian Desert in a manner unlike anything else. It is now possible to spend the entire night enjoying celebrations which will make every second of your stay worth it.

Private Overnight Desert Safari Dubai what is the Night Desert experience be?

If you decide to go on an in-the-night safari in Dubai with us, you will be picked up from the hotel about 3:30–4:00 PM in the evening. You will then be transferred to a private camping spot located in the Arabian Desert.

But, as you travel to the private campsite, you will be able to take part in dune bashing during the evening’s glaze when you arrive at the private camping area and a chance to relax with Arabian refreshments before celebrations like the private fire-show and falcon show start.

 Following the captivating performances, guests will be able to enjoy a fabulous spread of freshly prepared B.B.Q., Arabian salads, and more.

There is a myriad of things that you can enjoy during your Arabian Desert safari stay overnight. You can try sandboarding as well as enjoy camel rides. 

You can even enjoy the thrill of riding fast quad bikes through the desert sands in the evening. When you get to bed, the traditional belly dance show will be performed to give you an experience that you’ll not forget.

Once you have settled, dedicated staff will be there to ensure all is in order. When you wake up, you’ll receive a delicious breakfast, before heading back to your hotel with many memories to cherish. The safari in the desert is an unforgettable adventure for many.

The best Overnight Desert tour to Dubai along with Hot Rods Tourism

The entire staff employed by the hot rod tourism industry is licensed and experienced in organizing fantastic overnight excursions. All the vehicles operated are insured and well-maintained. How about an 18-hour adventure filled with unlimited enjoyment, food, drinks, and experiences in Dubai’s Arabian Desert of Dubai?

Nightly desert Safari with Hotrods Dubai tour lets you take in exceptional experiences, food, and cultural sights in Dubai’s Aan Desert. 

There is nothing better than a night filled with exquisite cuisines and drinks, dancing and fire show, sunrise, sunset, and other adventure sports like riding and surfing under the stars! The overnight safari is all about that.

Evenings, nights, and even mornings are stunning when you’re in the desert. Therefore, make sure you will capture many moments to record at night.

The Overnight Desert Safari Dubai is an extension of Sunset Safari.

At night, the desert safari offers to ride on camels, quad biking, sand-boarding, and many other essential activities included in our desert safari in the early evening package.

 If you’re interested in more excitement from your evening safari experience, you can extend your safari trip and reserve the overnight desert safari. We’re happy to accommodate you!

The campsite has a clean and hygienic toilet facility on the camp. But, it is recommended to carry your toiletries and other essential equipment to avoid any hassle. It’s an overnight excursion. We will also give you the comfort of a blanket and a bed on your back.


If you book our overnight trip on a desert safari in Dubai, You will receive a free pick-and-drop Service. We’ll take you directly from your hotel or residence to the point where you can enter the desert safari. This is where the fun and excitement begin.

For free, pick-up and drop-off services are provided to tourists in hotels or any other place within Dubai or in nearby areas. We utilize luxury vehicles with 4×4 tries to offer for free. Therefore it is your responsibility to keep your luggage and other belongings to an absolute minimum.

There is no need to pay for this free service. The Service is offered within and around Dubai. Therefore, no matter where you’re living, we’ll send our luxurious vehicle to your location to collect you and take you home quickly and safely. We’re sure that you’re eager to book your Dubai overnight safari with all of that and more.


The pick-up time can be set between 3:00 between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM. The overnight desert safari commences at 03:30 and concludes at 08:00 the following Day.


Are you in search of attractive offers for the overnight safari to Dubai? We are the most reputable travel agency in Dubai and offer a range of deals that will please you and your loved ones on the nighttime wilderness safaris in Dubai.

 Contact us today to learn more about our night-to-morning desert safari offers. What’s the biggest bargain? You can see millions of stars across the night sky alongside all the fun!

Stay Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Tour, make your tour more personalized by adding additional options.

Our desert safari add-ons for nighttime include Bon-fire, Live Whole, or Part lamb B.B.Q. Throughout your stay upon request, but at additional cost. Otherwise, you can enjoy the B.B.Q. and dinner cooked on barbecue grills.

 Also, you can request evening dune buggy rentals in the Dubai desert or have the late-night B.B.Q. We are cooking with our camp helpers.

An air conditioning system is installed on the camping site that is fully backed by an all the night running generator. It is possible to what’s App us for more details.

 We offer cheap and affordable overnight desert safaris. No tour operator in Dubai can beat the price of amenities, facilities, or the activities we provide in our desert safari overnight.

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