Let us talk about martial arts for a minute.  Martial arts is this revolutionary technique and style of self-defence that has been perfected by the world around. 

 There are dozens of styles of martial arts depending upon which part of the planet you are on and there is no true one martial art that is the best. 

Martial arts is always been a very hands-on learning experience wherein there is always an instructor who will teach you in learning this physical art. 


Although martial arts has been a very hands-on experience, we have seen the emergence of online martial arts programs wherein video training classes and live private lessons are given. 

The digital revolution has made learning martial arts online an available option by creating distance learning programs wherein several martial art schools will teach you martial arts online. 

From home study martial arts to live martial arts group classes as well as programs that will even allow students to get the various belts like the black belt while training from home. 


While this type of martial art training has been embraced by the global martial arts community there are still several global martial arts associations as well as other schools of martial arts that do not take this idea kindly. 

Their argument is on the grounds that martial art is quite a traditional thing and practising it requires the same techniques that have always been done in the past. 

This begs the question, are they correct?  While there can never be a definite answer to any complex question like this, let us still investigate this and find out.



This is one of the questions that might come to the mind of anyone trying to learn martial arts. 

How do you get an instructor to teach you and correct you if you are doing martial arts online?

This is probably one of the main concerns that people have.  And their concern is understandable.

However, reputed online martial art training programs have a fix around this because they apply many techniques so that the student does not do anything wrong during the training. 

The first step in this challenge is to have simple and clear instructions. This usually gets the job done for most people. 

The second step followed by online martial art training programs is to have the steps being repeated multiple times.  This allows the student, learning from home, to understand the steps quite well.

There are usually students who do the martial arts with the teacher In the martial art videos and the students intentionally make common mistakes that you too can make at home.  Then they are corrected. 

Through these different techniques, the online martial art training programs have managed to solve the problem of instructors. 


What is live practice?  Live practice is similar to the point we mentioned before, but it is a bit different. 

Live practice essentially means hands-on practice and this practice is done in the environment of martial art dojo. 

The live practice encompasses the instructor, the students and you as well as the equipment and the arena. 

While people might think that this is important, the training videos for online martial arts can get over this hurdle pretty easily. 

In order to solve this problem they either have a live training session wherein the area of the screen is divided into multiple parts wherein you can see the other students practising and practising with them. 

In this approach, the instructor can also see you clearly and help you understand the various steps.  

Regarding the space for martial arts, this space can easily be explained to any novice who is starting out their workout and training. 

While you might not have the most hands-on experience but you will have the advantage of not going to a physical dojo in order to learn martial arts. 

While this might seem like a disadvantage to some, this is quite the advantage especially if you are a working professional and you do not have the time to go to a physical live location. 


The costs compared to the benefit ratio of going to a martial art dojo plays an important part in deciding for going to a martial art academy. 

The reason why people usually justify giving outrageous sums of money for the martial art dojos is simply that they want to be part of a fraternity of martial art students. This is not only a place to learn martial arts but is also a kind of club for fitness and self-defence. There is this brotherhood that takes place in a martial arts dojo.

There is also the issue of expensive equipment like mats and other things that justify the cost of paying for a martial arts training program subscription with a martial arts dojo.

However online martial art training programs do not offer that and do not promise that and if you are someone who is satisfied with that then you can skip this part. 

Let us explain it to you with an example.

This is like going to a theatre to watch a movie.  While it is over simplifying this but the sense is quite the same.  You can watch that movie at home but then again you choose to go to a theatre for the experience. 

Similarly, there are excellent online martial arts training programs for you to learn martial arts completely at home. But then again you can pay the extra for the whole experience.

This was the blog about the pitfalls of martial art and the various reasons why people feel that online martial arts is not as good as going to a traditional martial art school. 

This is however not the case because online martial art training programs are equally as effective as the physical ones. 

The most important reason why people are slowly but surely moving on to the online option now and is that they want to learn this in their free time.  The only free time working people get is maybe 1 or 2 hours.  Which makes online martial art training programs popular and practical. 

If you are someone who is willing to learn martial arts from the safety of your home then we had had to help you. We are Martial Art Extreme (MAE) and we are the fastest-growing online martial arts training program provider in India.  We offer a multitude of courses and training programs for you to choose from and with these programs you can become a martial arts pro quite quickly.

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