10 places to visit in Haridwar

Haridwar means “abode of God or deity”. Where you will be able to come and see the deities in person. On hearing the name Haridwar, an image emerges in the mind where the echoes of temple bells and chanting of priests, immerse the place in even more spirituality. The bhajans of “Jai Gange” playing at every small shop make every heart flutter. The image of priests in saffron clothes makes the atmosphere more religious. The sightseeing places of Haridwar will take you to the shelter of the Lord, where you will experience infinite peace because the pastimes of the Lord are limitless. Let God’s blessings shower abundantly on you and get indulged in worship so that you can get a break from worldly illusions for a while.

10 places to visit in Haridwar

For your visit to Haridwar taking the initiative of spirituality and peace, you must first have some knowledge about them, which is given here:

1. Ganga Aarti

Aarti is performed every evening at the Ghat of holy waves of Ganga, known as Har Ki Pauri, which is dedicated to Ganga Maiya. Aarti of this holy place is performed by the priests with big lamps in their hands, it seems as if nature has illuminated the place with its light.

The reflection of the lamps falling in the water looks like twinkling stars. The melodious sound of Mahaarti is heard echoing in the entire ghat. Not only Indian tourists but foreign tourists also come in large numbers to witness this aarti.

2. Chandi Devi Temple

This temple situated on Neel Parvat is dedicated to Chandi Devi. This high altitude temple is not only a center of worship but is also popular among travelers for trekking. The combination of devotion with a beautiful natural view is amazing. 

This is also one of the five pilgrimage places of Haridwar where devotees come with the desire to fulfill their wishes. People’s faith and belief towards this temple is very deep. The temple on top of the mountain and the greenery all around looks so beautiful. The photo of Haridwar will be very beautiful from here. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Haridwar.

3. Rajaji National Park

This national park passing through the Shivalik mountain range is famous for its unique flora and fauna. This place is wonderful for nature and wildlife lovers to jump here and there in the cool breeze rustling through the trees.

Animals and birds will attract your attention. It is mainly popular for the wildlife of tigers and elephants. This forest is overgrown with other trees like sal, teak, etc. Here you will get to see Asian elephants, tiger, king cobra, bear, chital, sambar, jungle cat etc.

4. Mansa Devi Temple

Another popular temple of Haridwar which is situated on the Bilva Parvat in the Shivalik Hills. Manasa Devi is believed to be the form of Shakti which is the brainchild of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Mansa Devi fulfills the wishes of the devotees, hence there is a crowd of devotees here. Thousands of Hindus gather here every year. 

Everyone comes to the temple and wishes for their wishes to be fulfilled and believes that Mansa Devi will definitely shower her blessings on them. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Haridwar.

5. Bharat Mata Temple

The name of this temple is also included in the list of places to visit in Haridwar. As you must have known from the name itself that this temple is dedicated to Mother India. 

The temple does not have a statue of any religious deity but a huge map of India on the ground which shows the idol of Mother India dressed in saffron and holding a book in one hand, a pile of rice, a rosary and white is cloth. This temple is dedicated to the freedom fighters of India and reflects the wide culture of India. It is a multi-storied building situated in Sapta Sarovar.

6. Vaishno Devi Temple

Following in the footsteps of the Vaishno Devi temple of Kashmir, this temple is also its image. The temple is located at a height, so it is a suitable place for religious travelers as well as nature lovers as you will get to see beauty only from here. 

There are three idols in the temple – Lakshmi, Kali and Saraswati which have been carved very finely. The temple is famous for its architecture and caves. Here you will not have to work as hard as the temple in Kashmir to reach the temple, but understand that it is a smaller form of the same. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Haridwar.

7. Patanjali Yogpeeth

It is included in the list of India’s largest Yoga and Ayurveda Institute. This Institute of Technology has been named after the discoverer of Yoga – Sage Patanjali. If you are interested in Yoga Vidya then you can absolutely come here. 

Travelers come here for Ayurvedic tests and medicines. This institution is engaged in health, education, social and economic work. There is also a good arrangement for living here.

8. Swami Vivekananda Park

This recreational park located near Har Ki Pauri is very enjoyable. The long lawns of green grass and the bed sheet of flowers create beauty just by looking at them. It is built in a triangle shape where a grand idol of Swami Vivekananda is installed and there is also a statue of Lord Shiva which is visible from a distance. 

Travelers come here to see the beautiful view of Har Ki Pauri and also for picnics etc. You will also see people walking here in the morning and evening.

9. Big Bazaar

This market is mainly famous for the purchase of Rudraksh and Ayurvedic medicines. Here you will find wooden items and handicrafts also popular among the travelers. You will also get the privilege of eating delicious, delicious indigenous peda here. 

When these trees dissolve in your mouth, you will be wow! Will not be able to live without doing. You can also come here and collect religious ornaments. Foreign travelers also like this atmosphere steeped in spirituality.

10. Kumbh Mela

Crowds of devotees, Ganga bath, historicity, spirituality, purity is the confluence of all these in Haridwar’s Kumbh Mela. Echoes of Ganga Maiya and people spreading their faith on the holy land, this is the attractive atmosphere here. 

After every twelve years, a crowd of crores of people gather here, which has engrossed not only India but the whole world in its colors. A sight you can’t ignore. This faith has also instilled faith in the minds of foreigners and they become witnesses of this holy river.

To give your spirituality the right path, you must come here at least once. The wave of purity will engross you in the devotion of Haridwar scenic spot to such an extent that you will not be able to live without chanting Ganga Maiya. 
If you come here and become a part of Ganga Aarti, then surely you will get engrossed in devotion for a few moments. When you touch the sacred waves of the Ganges, your mind will get a unique peace. Make up your mind to move towards Haridwar. Book your Haridwar trip now with GTS Car Rental, Best Taxi service provider in Haridwar. Haridwar Cab Service Number is given here : +91 8191-00-8191

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