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Are you a coffee lover waiting to gulp freshly roasted and properly brewed coffee when taking short breaks from work?  Well, coffee is your very own thing but not finding the right brew may make you feel disappointed. The satisfaction you get from your Cup of Joe is incomparable but do you know how to make it worthwhile? Well, the best you will do to help yourself is to get new equipment first. Do you know how to roast coffee at home? Do you need an expensive roaster? 

Roasting coffee at home? What is your plan?

Nothing gives your temperament a thrust much like your cup of coffee. So, which flavor do you prefer? Love the Ethiopian blend or the honey-processed beans?  The immediate thought that comes is trying your hands on roasting. Before trying, you may visit a few coffee shops Calgary and buy the roasted products they sell. It will encourage you to do your own thing at home plus you will know the taste of the freshly-roasted product. Here is why you may try roasting the coffee beans at home?

  • Freshness guaranteed 

One of the major reasons to roast coffee at home is to get guaranteed freshness. The good news is that you can store some of the green beans for about a year without compromising the taste and the brew but what when you roast them? The flavors will go incredibly faster than you think. Ideally, you need to buy small amounts of green beans and roast them weekly or fortnightly so that the taste stays fresh always. 

  • Roast the green beans

Roasting green beans at home is significantly cheaper than buying roasted varieties. Once you start with the process, you need to refine the techniques and fine-tune the functioning of the equipment to save yourself a good deal of money. However, before trying your skills, why don’t you try visiting a few coffee roasters Calgary and get the real taste. That way, you will work towards making your roasted coffee at home much better. Every beginner ends up being a veteran at one time. So, the best is yet to come as long as you have the zeal to try giving the best touch to your Cup of Joe. 

  • Give your knowledge a boost

Do you think home roasting green beans is rather arduous? It will help you understand what gives the drink a delectable taste. The more you hone your skills the easier it is to add the feathers to your roast profile. You will gradually improve your skills through practice and the hankering for knowledge. If you want to appreciate your love for the drink more than before, try going the DIY way for the best impact. 

Guide to roasting coffee at home:

If roasting coffee at home sounds rhetorical then be it. Learning the skills will show you how to accomplish the task with ease. While understanding the process broadens your knowledge, it leads you to the stage where you will learn to appreciate the art itself and enjoy sipping the fresh brew every morning or whenever you feel. For those who are passionate about the Cup of Joe, here is how to learn the skills in easy steps. 

  1. Pick the green beans 

The first step is picking the green beans and if you are lucky enough, Rosso coffee roasters might have some really good collections. Just keep in mind that the size of the beans will increase as they undergo roasting. Every green bean has a characteristic flavor. So, do your research before buying.

  1. Prepare the equipment and roast the beans 

Commercial roasteries have big roasters to turn out a huge quantity of good stuff. However, you need not have such huge equipment. Countertop equipment is all you need to heat the beans at temperatures exceeding 400 degrees. You will also need a spoon to stir the beans, metal bowls, and a pair of gloves. 

  • Once you put the beans for roasting, you will hear a cracking sound. 
  • Pull the beans out, once they turn dark; the lighter the roast the higher the quantity of the drink in your cup.
  • If you love drinking coffee, the roasting process needs to end here unless you want to burn and taste bad.
  • Transfer the roasted beans to an airtight container without sealing the container.
  • Grind and brew them to drink the perfect brew.

The process is simple if you follow the guide thoroughly. So, buy a quality roaster to roast the beans to your liking from the comfort of your home. Be sure to follow the steps mentioned to get guaranteed results. Roast Love provides an expansive list of coffee roasters Calgary, so visit their website to get some tasteful insights as a coffee drinker.

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