Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Specifies Why Diagnosis And Assessment Of Dementia Are Important?

Medical specialists regard conditions like dementia to pose serious risks to a person’s health. These risks can be limited when such conditions are diagnosed on time. The former director of Abbey Healthcare, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, also known as Prabhi Sodhi, Prabhy Sodhi and Praby Sodhi says that when diagnosis and assessment are missing, it can be difficult to treat a person at a later stage. Along with this, it is also important to properly assess dementia to understand the severity of the condition this can not only become problematic for that person but also for those who are related to him/her.

An Overview of the Process to Diagnose Dementia

There are medical problems that can be diagnosed in a few tests. Speaking of dementia, more tests can be required. To present an overview, when a person starts forgetting things and remains in a state of confusion, his/her blood tests can be commonly done. Mr. Sodhi adds to this that a person and her/his family’s medical history can also tell a lot. This can indicate a pattern that can make it easier to diagnose the condition with accuracy. 

The Importance of Proper Assessment of Dementia given Prabhi Sodhi

Dementia should be differentiated from a less severe condition that can be treated with certainty. For this reason, diagnosis is essential. Along with this, the proper assessment of the condition must be made. The former director of Abbey Healthcare, Praby Sodhi says that when a condition like dementia has to be managed, assessing it becomes important. 

For certain other reasons as well, dementia assessment is stressed on:

  • Unless this condition is properly assessed, it can be difficult to see the physical effect on the brain.
  • The areas of the brain that are getting damaged can be examined better with proper scanning. Scanning procedures are a part of the assessment.
  • Other than blood tests, the examination of urine samples, etc., doing certain complex tests is also important. When dementia has to be assessed, these tests are included. They can give more clarity on the treatment, says Prabhy Sodhi.
  • At times, evaluating dementia psychologically is also important. This is a part of the assessment that evaluates the thinking pattern and problems. Any impairments observed in this pattern can be treated on time. Thus, in the long run, major damage to the brain can be prevented.

Note: The assessment of dementia should be carried out by a medical specialist or expert in the field. This can ensure the accuracy of the assessment.

How Helpful is the Early Diagnosis of Dementia?

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It should be realized that when a condition as severe as dementia is diagnosed early, a person can receive treatment on time. Usually, this treatment can be expensive, depending on the financial resources of that person or his/her family. Given that the diagnosis is done early, the treatment may be less expensive than the one at a later stage. 

Not limited to this, for several other reasons as well, early diagnosis of this condition is helpful.

1. Making Modifications and Arrangements for Living

In the opinion of Mr. Sodhi, dementia patients need a different environment to live in. They need to be kept away from anything that can induce confusion or discomfort to their lives. Therefore, they should be put in a place surrounded by their close ones. By doing so, the former director Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi of Abbey Healthcare regards that they can receive proper care. Moreover, they will remain under supervision so that the condition does not harm them in major ways.

2. Preventing Other Infections or Conditions

Depending on how a dementia patient is cared for, his or her condition may remain maintained or worsen. Early diagnosis can help in the proper management of dementia. This can also increase the chances of better care. Thus, the health problem may not lead to other unlikely conditions or infections, as is put forth by Mr. Sodhi.

3. Adding to Life

A person whose body is developing dementia can be at the risk of a short life. This risk can be removed as she or he is given the right treatment at the right time. For this to happen, the former dementia specialist at Abbey Healthcare considers early diagnosis to be highly helpful. As you get the diagnosis done on time, you can add to the life of your loved one.

Final Words

When you suspect your close one to remain isolated or confused, you may worry about his/her condition. People may fear medical tests as they can cause discomfort knowing the actual condition. However, you should remember that for conditions like dementia to be treated, these tests need to be carried out. For this reason, proper diagnosis and assessment are suggested. As you realize their importance, you will be able to give a better quality of life to your close one. 

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