prepaid debit cards for teens

Debit cards have been there for around 50 years, but they only grew popular recently. People find it convenient to carry small portable cards rather than hefty bundles of cash currency. It is both risk-free and compact. The debit card concept has gained momentum to the extent that even parents of younger children are adapting to Prepaid Debit Cards for Teens. This resolves many purposes and the primary being offering monetary security to the child. 

Considering that debit cards have become quite the phenomenon these days, the question remains, ‘why should you consider giving a debit card to your child?’. To start on a high note, it can help your child learn about finances and also may go on to help them form a financial habit. 

A few basic things that the child needs to know before they are handed a debit card:

  • Getting your child a Teenagers Debit Card will make them part of the banking system. Using modern banking apps and tools or other communicational mediums like text alerts, they can check their funds and transactions and understand how the system works. 
  • Unless your children are ‘child-prodigies’ and have started earning in their teens, you as a parent are responsible for the expenses they made. The debit card fund may also be going out of the adult’s pocket. So, the child needs to learn to appreciate and plan their expenses for a certain period until their parents can refill their account. 
  • The most important thing that a child can learn here is prioritizing what they need over what they want. There is a fine line between the two. And once the children can differentiate between their wants and needs, they can plan on investing in what they need first and then gradually plan for what they want. 
  • Opening a Bank Account for a Minor in today’s time is intricately linked to mobile banking. Fortunately, your teen will already be technically advanced by this time, so they will know most app usage. However, they can safely learn about online payment transactions with a debit card. 

In addition, the parent needs to keep in mind that they are still giving money access to the child. So, if things go South, the parent could be handling an expensive mistake caused by their child. This is why parents need to keep an eye on their overall expenses and start with a minimal amount, so the family’s finances don’t take a hit.

How To Choose A Debit Card Option For Teens?

As we have established, children can learn and understand how finances work, and there are good things about giving your child a debit card, but parental guidance is required at every step. From opening an account and choosing a plan to learning the proper usage of a Payment App, the parent needs to be involved in all of these. 

Allowing your child to access a debit card of their own is all about responsibility and discipline. You can give them a periodical allowance that will help them learn how to manage their finances properly. The children have to apply for a debit card under their parent’s guidance. Different debit card plans are available with Muvin, so choosing the correct one for your child is essential. Here are a few tips for selecting the best option. 

  • Prepaid Debit Cards for Teens have different features, and spending control is notable. Some cards may even offer full-parental control. But, other than that, remote blocking, spending alerts, and user blocking are basic features that need to be checked. 
  • There are some charges involved with debit card applications. The costs vary depending on the features of the card. It is important to choose only the necessary features such as ATM access, overdraft, and other fees that may be incurred within the card application or charged separately. 
  • Mobile and app banking is a common thing now. So, when applying for the Teenagers Debit Card, you should ensure that the app facility has been activated for conducting digital transactions without physically being involved. 
  • The child and the parent both need to agree on spending the fund. Choose a sensible limit for your child and yourself based on this. 


Teenagers are pretty fast at learning and understanding things around them in practicality. As they are growing up, they also understand the need and value of money, even if it is just their pocket money for the time being. Opening a Bank Account for a Minor can help them manage the allowance given to them by their parents. 

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