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Clinginess, tantrums and crying are normal for young kids when separating from their parents. With age, separation anxiety typically disappears. However, it’s not unusual for some kids to experience stress even when going to the best preschool in Western Sydney. This anxiety can frustrate parents and kids, triggering unnecessary guilt. Kids are often biologically predisposed to anxiety, making them shy away from new situations. Luckily, by offering careful guidance and showing affection to kids, you can improve this situation. 

The following section discusses some practical ways to help your child tackle separation anxiety and get used to preschool. So, keep reading!

Tips To Tackle Separation Anxiety In Preschool Kids In Western Sydney

The first day of anything can cause excitement and anxiety in kids and adults alike. While for some, the idea of embarking on a new adventure can be a delight, others may get a little scared. Below are a few tips to help your kid reduce those anxious feelings.

1. Practise Separation

Allow your kid to be more independent. Along with teaching them to brush their teeth and wash their hands, leave them with their caregivers occasionally for a little while. Gradually increase the length of detachment. Also, allow them to socialise with other kids. It will help reduce their separation anxiety and improve their communication skills.

2. Separation Ready

Kids tend to be clingier when they are tired or hungry. So, if your kid keeps clinging to you when you drop them off at their preschool, it can indicate an inadequate home routine. Hence, ensure your child goes to bed early and gets enough sleep. Instead of rushing their habit, ensure they have a protein and energy-rich breakfast. 

3. Goodbye Rituals

A simple goodbye ritual can be incredibly reassuring for your kid when going to the best preschool in Western Sydney. A kiss, a wave or a hug can make your kid feel safe and special. However, don’t make leaving a big deal for your child and avoid stalling or looking back.

4. Special Gifts

Many preschools allow kids to bring something personal that gives them comfort, like their favourite soft toy or part of a blanket. It can also be a family photo or a toy you have gifted them. The familiarity of these unique items will help your youngster stay calm and feel secure.

5. Communicate With Educators 

If you believe your kid is struggling with separation anxiety, discuss it with the preschool educator. Involving them in the transition can help your kid settle into the new environment more effortlessly. Introduce your kids to their educators and invite them in your goodbyes to reassure your child that they are in safe hands. 

When Do Kids Get Separation Anxiety?

Age is the primary factor determining how your child feels about themselves and their connection with you. Experts say separation anxiety typically starts when babies are around eight months old and accelerates when they are 14 to 18 months old. The dread comes and goes throughout the early years and decreases once your kid develops a sense for themselves. When they realise that you will be at their preschool to pick them up, they will get used to the experience.

Signs Of Separation Anxiety

Some usual signs of separation anxiety in preschoolers are shyness, screaming, tantrums, crying, pretending to be ill and refusing to leave their parents. However, if the intensity of the anxiety is outside of the typical age, continuing for months, or if your child becomes agitated even at the mention of separation and withdraw from usual activities, you may discuss it with a preschool teacher or practitioner. 

Concluding Thoughts

Separation anxiety is common for kids attending the best preschool in Western Sydney for the first time. Hopefully, with the above points, you can tackle the situation better. Remember that kids take cues from their parents. Hence, as a parent, you must remain calm and maintain a reassuring approach to give your kids the confidence they need.

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