Properties And Benefits Of Coffee Beans

The coffee bean is the raw material for any preparation, whether infusion or other applications. This is the main element of the well-known espresso or the popular cappuccino. Of course, there is much to know about this special seed. Above all, today we want to discover what the properties of coffee beans are, as well as their benefits.

Properties of coffee beans: structure

The coffee bean’s properties or traits have a big effect on the infusion that is then made in a bar or at home. That is why it is important to know them.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the structure of the coffee bean is determined by the bush in which they grow, that is, the coffee tree.

This tree can reach 10 meters in height in the wild, although in commercial crops, it is allowed to grow up to 3 meters. The origin of this plant is located in Ethiopia and Yemen.

There are two large groups of seeds in the world: arabica and robusta. On the other hand, there have been many changes that have been made to fit local crops. This has led to a large number of grains, which are usually mixed together to make mixtures.

If we must talk about the parts of a coffee bean, we have to mention its two essential components: almond and parchment. The first is hard and greenish in color; it is covered with a silvery film when it is dry, along with the embryo, which is a very small plant immersed in the almond. The red or yellow part of the ripe fruit is known as the pulp. The seed is protected by a covering called parchment, which is covered with a sugary substance called mucilage.

Properties of coffee beans: nutrients

As for the properties of coffee beans, we find a large number of nutrients, such as magnesium, which helps strengthen bones since it improves the assimilation of calcium. It is also a perfect arterial and muscular regulator and influences the correct functioning of the brain. Phosphorus is another nutrient present in the coffee bean, as well as sodium or even calcium.

Due to its composition, it also incorporates a series of substances that reduce the oxidation of our cells.

The presence of group B vitamins ensures the benefits of coffee beans for obtaining energy from food, the generation of red blood cells, and the maintenance and protection of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Potassium, for its part, occupies a main role as far as the composition of this raw material is concerned, since its average value is 49 mg, even higher than caffeine, with which, if the coffee beans were consumed decaffeinated, even greater benefits would be obtained from this product.

Although it may seem surprising, coffee beans can even serve to protect the liver and reduce the risk of having a heart attack.

In addition, coffee can be a natural antidepressant and an ally when it comes to losing weight.

5 benefits of coffee beans that you did not know

Most studies agree that moderate consumption of coffee, between three and four cups a day, is beneficial for health since it provides nutrients and protects the body against certain diseases.

These are some of the main benefits of drinking coffee.

1. Helps burn fat

Caffeine is a natural metabolism booster. In fact, it is present in almost all fat burners available on the market. It has the advantage of being one of the few natural substances that aid in fat burning. This happens because caffeine makes the body make more adrenaline, which causes fatty acids to be released directly from fatty tissues.

For this reason, it is key to prefer a coffee company that offers the product in its natural state, in grain form, without additives that unnecessarily increase calorie intake.

2. Source of antioxidants

A cup of coffee has a lot of antioxidants, especially polyphenols and hydroxycinnamic acids, in addition to vitamins and minerals.

Antioxidants are necessary to combat the attack of free radicals, delay the natural aging process, and prevent diseases.

3. Protects the heart and liver

In addition to fighting chronic and degenerative diseases, coffee helps take care of liver health by preventing and slowing down the development of diseases such as cirrhosis and fatty liver.

Likewise, it has been shown that coffee does not increase blood pressure when consumed daily since the body gets used to it and the effect dissipates. Added to this is the fact that consuming coffee regularly decreases the risk of suffering a stroke.

4. Decreases the probability of contracting diseases

Several studies have found that drinking coffee on a daily basis lowers the risk of developing chronic diseases such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s

5. Reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer

Drinking moderate amounts of coffee on a daily basis lowers the risk of developing liver and colorectal cancer, two of the most common types with the highest mortality rates in the population.

Coffee is a great ally in the diet; not only does it provide energy, but it also provides the body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants essential to combat various diseases. Having a coffee company that offers quality services and products, such as those offered by Rentokil Initial Chile with Musetti, Origenes, and Supercoffee, will be important in order to make the most of all the properties of this comforting drink.Did you know that coffee beans have so many health benefits? Find a wide range of coffee products at Balance Coffee.

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