Quartz Worktops And Corian Worktops

You are not alone if you are unable to decide material for kitchen worktops. Many people feel difficulty deciding what to choose for their kitchen worktops. Because there are so many options on the market, you may be researching the benefits and drawbacks of quartz and Corian worktops. Nowadays the use of quartz worktops in Hertfordshire is very common. If you are looking for the pros and cons of different worktop materials, read this article to the end. 

Here are different materials for kitchen worktops; 

Corian Worktops: 

Corian is the brand name for a type of countertop known as “solid surface,” which was invented by DuPont in 1967. Solid surface is a man-made or engineered stone material (as is quartz). On the other hand, granite is a natural stone that comes from the earth. 

The Corian color was previously limited to some fairly dull and subdued earth tones with a monotonous, speckled pattern. While these colors may appeal to some, they cannot compete with the depth and organic beauty of the natural stone. But now, more than 100 colors with different patterns are available in Corian material for worktops. 

Corian solid surface blends seamlessly with more traditional kitchen materials. Its distinct color, texture, and light effects provide an elegant counterpoint to stainless steel, wood, and glass kitchen design elements. Here are some of the benefits of Corian worktops; 

  • Seamless Appearance: 

You can install Corian worktops without visible joints for a seamless and sleek appearance with no crevices to collect dirt.

  • Repairable

Professional restoration service helps in the restoration of Corian worktops. You can also do this with a household abrasive and scouring pad.

  • Hygienic Option

Corian is a particularly hygienic surface for food preparation due to its non-porous surface. It does not support bacterial or fungal growth. You can also choose covered upstands for added sanitary protection.

  • Uniform Appearance:

The professionals can install Corian sink bowls seamlessly into the work surface to create a uniform appearance.

  • Stain Resistant:

Corian is resistant to liquids such as coffee, vinegar, and wine due to its non-porous surface.

  • Mouldable Material

Corian can be thermoformed, it allows its molding into various shapes to suit your kitchen.

  • Robust Material:

Corian absorbs no liquid and adapts to room temperature, making it a very durable material that lasts very long in your kitchen. 

Corian is a pocket-friendly material for worktops. You can easily get Corian worktops in Hertfordshire from Slabs and Stones Ltd – the best worktop suppliers in town!

However, some disadvantages are also associated with Corian worktops. Let’s discuss some of them; 

  • Because it is a softer material, it can be dented and scratched (but repairable)
  • Heat resistance is poor. Hot pans can cause burns.
  • Some cleaners and chemicals can discolor your worktops.
  • The resale value is lower than that of granite, marble, or quartz.

Quartz Worktops:

Unlike other stone types such as granite, quartz kitchen worktops are not entirely natural stones. They are instead made from polished natural quartz stone combined with a synthetic polymer and compressed into a solid piece of material that can be further polished by skilled artisans. 

Quartz is famous for its aesthetic appearance in your kitchen. It gives a luxurious look to your countertops. It is a very durable material and you can easily customize it according to the theme of your kitchen. 

Let’s discuss some of the pros of using quartz as kitchen worktops; 

  • Hygienic Material: 

Bacteria and germs are never a threat while using quartz worktops. However, pests can live there because of their porous surface. Because quartz kitchen worktops do not have pores like natural stones, they are less likely to crack over time.

  • Robust Material: 

Quartz worktops are well-known for their hardness and durability. They can withstand a variety of kitchen mishaps, such as impact damage from dropped pans, surface damage from spillages, and staining, depending on their durability. They are also somewhat heat resistant.

  • Customized Designs: 

Unlike glass or laminate worktops, quartz worktops allow you to easily customize their appearance. The kitchen designer can create slabs with the pattern, texture, and color that best complement the interior design of your kitchen.

  • Durability:

The quartz worktops have a longer life span. Due to its robust nature, the chances of damage are very rare. 

  • More Market Value:

Quartz worktops increase the market value of your home. It has the best aesthetic appearance, and due to its high price, it enhances the value and looks of your kitchen. 

But like other materials quartz also has some drawbacks as a worktop in the kitchen; 

  • Quartz is an expensive option for your kitchen worktops. 
  • It is vulnerable to heat damage. 
  • It needs professional installation services as it is difficult to install. 
  • The seams are visible in quartz worktops. 

There are many other options, like granite, marble, laminate, stainless steel, etc. for kitchen worktops. All you have to do is do a little research before deciding on the material. You can seek help from professional kitchen designers to select the worktops according to your need and budget. 


Kitchen worktops are an essential part of your kitchen. While deciding which material is suitable for your kitchen, you should do some research. Knowing the pros and cons of all the materials will make it easier for you to decide. Corian as a kitchen worktop has some benefits along with some disadvantages. Similarly, quartz is also very famous for kitchen worktops due to its advantages. If you are looking for the best quartz worktops in Hertfordshire, you can contact Slabs and Stones Ltd to get their services.

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