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Curious about how to immigrate to Canada! The unique profile and connections decide the easiest way to immigrate to Canada. Canadian immigration targets are always been set higher, one should start the immigration process early. The easiest way to move to Canada is byimmigration to Canada express entry. 

This should be noted that there is no simple way to immigrate to Canada. While some programs are easier for you and the process are long, time-consuming and involves different steps. Immigrating to Canada does require a significant financial and emotional investment which is worth it. Canada has consistent ranks among the best countries for God’s quality of life. If one is clueless about the process of immigration to Canada express entry, one can contact immigration consultants. 

Express Entry –

No other pathway to Canadian immigration is fastest as an express entry. This is the most popular and preferable immigration program. This is the best program through which one can get permanent resident status for 6 months. Canada is inviting over 240000 newcomers post-pandemic in three streams of express entry due to a shortage of labour. 

  • Federal skilled Worker 
  • Canadian experience class 
  • Federal skilled Trades

Submitting an online profile which is which is scored by Canada’s comprehensive Ranking system. One should be eligible under one of Canada three federal streams. They express invitation to apply for permanent residence for highest ranking candidate in express entry pool. The easiest way for immigration to Canada for certain candidates who are  eligible for submitting profile. This is  difficult to meet CRS cut off federal draw. However by just being included in pool of candidates, one could be nominated for permanent resiprovince. 

If one is looking for immigration for Canada from India, the cost of migration fee is 2300$ CAD for single applicant. If there is couple who is filling for express entry. Settlement funds are those which is part of eligibility requirement which will vary by family size. If any queries related to immigration for Canada from India, we have team of consultants who can help you. 

Business immigration –

If any queries regarding the immigration for provincial programs, contact the immigration to Canada consultants.

 If one is having experience of handling one’s business for long duration, there is easier way for immigrate to  Canada through federal or provincial business immigration program. The federal government offers immigration programs for individuals who plan to self employed or start up business in Canada. There are several PNP overseas candidates interested in business for certain province. Business immigration programs who require significant investment from the company one intends to start in Canada. The programs decide the amount one is interested to invest. If one is interested to start business in less populated area, The amount required for business is less. If any family member is permanent citizen in Canada, a citizen of Canada. Family sponsorship will be easiest way for immigration to Canada. 

Canadian Immigration Programs Overview- 

There are 80 pathways to immigrate to Canada. We can outline the broad categories of Canadian immigration. 

Immigration Tip – with the help of immigration consultants to Canada, we can help the clients In choosing immigration options by completing the online free assessment tool. We will evaluate the dozens of immigration options available and let you know which is best for you. 

 Economic  immigration options – These options are for the professionals which supports Canadian economy. Each program differs as per client’s eligibility as no one size fits all.

All forms of business immigration require significant investment in Canada. This also require applicant to invest in Canadian company.

Let’s see the requirement of immigration to Canada eligibility.

  • Each program has it’s own minimum eligibility requirements prior to applying.
  • Post the document submission, Canadian government will verify the various work experience, education, identity, criminal background.
  • Documents to be submitted is dependent on the program for which one is applying. 

We as immigration consultant to Canada, we have to determine the immigration program is best for the clients. In most categories, economic immigration, applicants below the age of 25-35 receive maximum points. Having substantial work experience, high language proficiency, good connections in Canada and advanced education can offset the opinion the points for age in economic immigration. 

For  Canadian immigration, lawyers are the single point of contact with the government for the application. Their way of handling the application as per immigration laws are different. It depend on the documents one need and only might want to include and documents one should not provide. They are the best legal advisors after the immigration consultant.

Do I need a job offer to Immigrate to Canada- 

One is the reasons for immigration to Canada eligibility is not job offer. In simple words, if does not have any offer letter before immigrating to Canada, this does not rule out possibility for immigration. While some immigrant programs require job offer. There are lot of options  and programs available to foreign nationals without job offer to Canada. Let’s study programs where job offer is not mandatory. 

Express Entry –

Express entry system is responsible for welcoming over 1,00,000 new comers to Canada each year. If candidate is appl, ing for express entry program, it is likely that one need a job offer. About 90% of candidates get invitation for permanent residency without holding a Canadian job offer. Applicants coming under express entry programs expect to have adequate work experience and relevant educational experience. One will not lose a points for not holding offer letter.

Provincial Nominee Programs –

Under provincial Nominee programs, there are lot of programs which do not expect a offer letter from applicants. Some province under this section used expression of interest points based system. They determine the candidates are applied for nomination. Other provinces will invite candidate from express entry pool. They fill specific demographics or labour market gaps. Having a profile in express entry profile in the pool of candidates, one will have the opportunity to be settle permanently in Canadian province. 

Conclusion – There are many options to immigrate to Canada even if one does not hold offer letter for job  in Canada. Look out for immigration to Canada process from best immigration consultants

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