Rack Storage System

Self and rack storage system

 Self and rack storage system is used to store goods and materials. it is made with a horizontal beam and some form of decking

When the point is the storage racking system, it is difficult to find a suitable one for running your logistic activities. It becomes more difficult when many companies provide different rack and shelf storage systems. So it becomes a hectic job to choose the best shelf storage system, but before you rush to any conclusion, make a list of the type of rack storage systems available in the market, and make sure the rack system fulfills all your requirements

Types of Storage Racks

The different types of storage racks include:

Conventional Pallet Racks

Traditional pallet racks are very economical for the business. It is a low-cost storage method that allows direct access to all pallets. it is very simple to install and adjust as compared to other types of storage racks. Incurred less cost to install it. In this type of shelf storage system variety of products can be stored in one place because there is direct access to products.

Teardrop Pallet Racks

A teardrop pallet storage system is also called a rivet pallet rack the reason is unlike conventional pallet racking it uses rivets rather than hooks. It is made up of vertical, beam, H bracing, D bracing, nuts, and bolts.

It is a more economical storage rack system and efficient to use, you can store the products in bulk.

The rivet structure has a high resistance to cutting or scratching anything. Because of this, when you manufacture beam connectors there is no stretch or crack The load on the slanted holes in the rivet beam connector is vertical downward. However, while storing the products which need cold storage environment, the weight of the load should be considered.

A variety of materials are generally used to manufacture rivet beam connectors depending upon the requirement. and they are not limited by handiwork. Low-temperature-resistant material can be employed in cold storage settings. While manufacturing the rivet pallet racking must be considered the load capacity requirement.

Drive-In Racks

It is the most usable type of storage rack Mainly manufactured to store homogenous products, because of this it holds many pallets. It provides the most space efficiency with the highest density. There are so many benefits of these storage racks like it store a large volume of the product with easy pallet access. This type of setup includes a series of racking units that form inside the loading passage with pallet support rails. Forklift trucks enter this inner passage with their loaded product raised above the level where they will be placed. Both sides of each loading passage have support rails

Pallet Shuttle Racks

Pallet shuttle racks are a deep storage system in which pallets are stored and recovered by a vehicle that moves on rails inside a rack. The number of shuttle vehicles is depended on the volume of load to be handled

Double Deep Racks

Double deep racks help for the quick shipping of large single SKU orders. It may consist of two pallets deep in a single-entry rack or four pallets in a double-entry rack. A double deep pallet rack helps to improve storage density with fewer passages and more storage places. This technique is more suitable for products with required more than one pallet per SKU because direct access is only possible for the front pallets.

The structure of a double deep pallet rack is similar to that of a normal selective pallet rack; the layout may be different, but all racking pieces are similar. As the rack passage ratio changes from some selective racking, storage density may be increased.

Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving helps to store manually medium and small products. This form of racking is super flexible to a wide range of unit loads and all stored products can be accessed directly.

Carton Flow Racks

Carton Flow Rack Systems is designed for cartons and small unit loads with a high-density storage solution. They allow for essential space reductions as well as stock control effectively. With modest changes in the values of a quantity, the various light unit loads move smoothly along pulley rails or rollers.to allow materials to flow from the back of the rack to the front this system uses metal shelves with rollers or wheels. making it usable for small-quantity case picking.


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