social media marketing for real estate

Sometimes it is hard to understand how much our lives have changed. If we look a few years back then we can say that the past few years cemented a lot of changes in our lives. Webinars are our regular events, and zoom has taken the place of our physical meeting rooms. Whether you agree or not, social media plays a huge role in our lives, and it has also changed us as a society. Social media has become our go-to-window to explore new opportunities and grow our businesses. 

Just like other businesses, social media has also revolutionized the Real Estate Business. Almost 77% realtors actively use social media for real estate. According to realtors, social media has become one of the best possible ways for realtors to connect with potential buyers and grow their business, that is why many realtors work online and have their websites i.e; Grey bricks Marketing. There are many other key factors of using social media for real estate which are mentioned below: 

Build Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness is the top priority of marketers. One can make people aware of his brand through social media. By creating a strong brand presence, one can reach more people. 

You can tell your stories, across different platforms, which includes your:

  • What is your brand?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What makes your brand different from others?

Other than that you can also keep your audience updated with your employee and customer stories. 

Generate Leads:

You can also generate organic leads for your business through social media. You can interact with your audience, which may become a potential buyer and will eventually give you benefit. You can do this by creating a meaningful conversation with your audience and posting new pictures, videos, and other interesting content. By doing all these things you are not only building credibility with your potential customers, but you are gaining new leads.

Nurture Leads:

Along with generating new and organic leads, social media also helps in engaging with these leads. Building a strong relationship with your leads, enables your sales team to build trust and credibility.

Stay Updated:

There is not any need to tune in the evening news to monitor trending news and get instant updates. Now you can find out what is going on in our communities and the World around us directly through Social Media. A survey shows that almost 40% of people say that they rely on digital platforms to get news.

Stay Connected:

Almost 70% of people log into their social media accounts daily. According to another survey almost 49% of people check their socials multiple times in a day. Social media helps you to stay connected with your customers every time they login to their socials.

Stay Top of the Mind:

Social media has taken over all our other leisure activities. We all head into our social media accounts, whenever we are free, or want something entertaining to fresh our minds. Undoubtedly it is a plus point for you to promote your business. You just have to post entertaining, informative and creative content on a regular basis so that whenever people open their social accounts, they find you on top. 

Increase website traffic: 

Social media posting and ads are the key ways to drive traffic to your website. If you have a great network on your social media accounts then you can easily drive your audience to your website. You can do this by sharing creative content from your website to your social media channels. In this way you can get more readers as soon as you publish anything new on your website. 

Boost Sales:

Your social accounts are the critical part of your sales process. As the number of people using social media are growing day by day, the social sales tools are also evolving. Social networks have become an integral part for product search and ecommerce. Just align your social marketing efforts with your sales goals and boost these sales.

Partner with influencers:

Just like reviews, recommendations from friends and family play a vital role in consumers’ decisions. When people start talking about your brand, product or services on social media, it helps you to build your brand awareness and credibility, and set yourself up for more sales. Another way of doing this is to partner with influencers. The people who have a large following on social media, can draw the attention of their followers on your brand easily. Influencer marketing is easy yet an effective way to build your brand awareness and credibility and boost your sales. 

Promote Content:

Advertising on social media has turned out to be great in terms of brand recognition and credibility. Promoting your content on social media helps you to get new audiences on your well-researched creative content with leads to increase your audience. Promoting your content on social media also allows you to select your target audience, age group and area, which aids you to show your content to the audience you want. By promoting your content there are higher chances of getting potential buyers for your business from social media. 

Go Viral:

People start liking the content which goes viral. They also start commenting and sharing that content.  If you make such type of content which goes viral then people will start liking, commenting and sharing your content. This will help your content to get exposed to new audiences, their friends and followers. As people start sharing your content, it will make your content spread across the internet, potentially thousands or even millions of shares. 

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