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If you are thinking about entering into the market of multiple services, then, there are a lot of things that one should consider. One of them is starting your own business by opting for a ready-made solution such as an app like Gojek. This on-demand mobile app has a special quality – it offers 82+ services! All of these services are perfected in a manner to provide an at-home luxurious user experience. The assortment of services that this mobile app offers is second to none. Mentioned here is the entire list of services: 

  • Online taxi booking services like Uber. 
  • Online video consultation with doctors, tutors, yoga trainers, etc.
  • Service bidding with a local handyman 
  • Book at-home services like beauticians, car wash, massage, lawn mowing, etc. 
  • Delivering stuff from x location to y 
  • On-demand delivery of food, groceries, medicines, bottled water, etc. 
  • Hiring delivery genie and delivery runner

These services combine on this single robust and powerfully built app to provide your customers with ultra-luxurious facilities! This gives us the first reason to invest in the Gojek Clone app. In short, not only will you launch an extraordinary mobile app but give your customers a viable reason to use your app and make their lives easier than ever. 

Reasons to Choose App like Gojek to Start your Business

We have explored only one reason to invest in this multi-service app. But what are the other good characteristics that make it one of the best choices for entrepreneurs? Let’s explore. 

  1. Inexpensive compared to building the app from scratch 

Comparing the investment amount required to build the app from the ground up, it takes only a fraction of the cost. The ready-made apps are already integrated with multiple features and services which makes the overhead cost and the expenses of other aspects almost slightest! In short, with only a fraction of the cost of developing the app from ground zero, you can establish a heavy profit-raking business. 

  1. Attractive profits 

Earning humongous profits with an app like Gojek is easy! The two profit-centric business models let the entrepreneur earn Brobdingnagian-like money. The two business models are – commission on every service and membership subscription plans. In a commission-based business model, the entrepreneur decides the commission rate they want to earn. This rate is earned from every service rendered through the mobile app. 

Whereas, membership subscription plans are purchased and renewed by the service providers to continue rendering their services on the platform. The entrepreneur designs multiple plans with different prices, features, and time validity. Thus, depending on their needs, the providers can choose one of the many membership subscription plans! 

  1. You can make extra money with the app 

Besides the profit-centric business models, the Gojek Clone app lets the entrepreneur make more money with: 

  • In-app advertisements: the entrepreneur can add Google or Facebook third-party ads on the app’s home screen and earn some money with every click! 
  • Surcharges: the surcharges are applied during high demands, peak hours, holidays, or during certain times of the day. This extra money is charged from the customers for requesting a service when the demand is already high and the availability of providers is low! 
  • Cancellation fee: cancellation fee is charged when the customers cancel the service a few minutes after booking it.

But did you know that there are numerous Gojek-like apps available on the internet? If yes, then you know that it will be difficult for you to find out the most perfect solution the first time. Moreover, choosing the wrong pre-built solution will not only waste your time but also your money and efforts. So, why shouldn’t we take necessary precautions right before stepping into the “research?” Use this checklist to find the finest and globally reputed white-labeled clone app script to kick-start your Gojek Clone app business. 

  • It should already integrate 82+ on-demand services. 
  • The app script must pre-integrate modern-age features to attract more customers and retain the old ones. 
  • The technology-stack used to build the app should be robust and match the latest market standards. 
  • The script should not only offer mobile apps but also admin panels, website, web panels, KIOSK apps, iWatch apps, etc. 

Now that you have learned how to find a perfect solution, it is time to look at “things to consider” when searching for a well-established white-labeling firm. Finding an authentic firm is important because you’d purchasing the on-demand app solution from them. 

  • Firm must have at least 10 years of industry experience. 
  • They should have already launched 1200+ app like Gojek. 
  • Look for video testimonials of their clients on the website. 
  • Should have transparent price policy. 
  • They should agree to sign NDA. 
  • Firm must zip and send you the lifetime licensed source code for one domain at no additional cost. 


On the whole, launching an app like Gojek is the best business idea in 2022. To conclude this blog, here’s a bonus reason to choose a pre-built solution – it is quick to launch! It takes only 1 to 2 weeks to launch the app and start making money. So, get the pre-built multi-service app solution if you want to establish a successful business without stressing about time to market. 

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