You may have experienced a car breakdown on the road. Whether it’s a mechanical issue, a flat tire, or just running out of gas, you can suddenly thrust into a stressful situation that you have little control over. When this happens, it is strongly advisable to get in touch with a towing company Calgary. Tow trucks are a common option in cases of auto accidents. The purpose of towing companies is to assist people in getting their vehicles back on the road. When it comes to keeping your car safe, they are your first line of protection. You should be careful while selecting the ideal 24/7 emergency towing service for your requirements.

When you need your car to be towed, run out of gas, lose your car keys, or experience any other emergency, having roadside assistance can come in handy. But how can you find roadside assistance in Calgary resources and get our car back on the road? 

In this article we will go through the tips to find roadside assistance resources. 

What Types of Services Fall Under Roadside Assistance?

Consider roadside assistance as a solution for any emergency situation any emergency. Usually roadside assistance include:

  • Towing
  • Flat tire replacement
  • Fuel delivery
  • Locksmith services
  • Jump start
  • Winching: refers to pulling a stuck vehicle from snow, mud, or ditch. 

The majority of such problems can be fixed with the aid of  roadside assistance service. If not, it could at least get you and your car back home or to the mechanic for repairs. You can get monthly and yearly packages from different towing companies. However, you can get their services only when you need them and paying them on the spot.

Who do You Contact if You Need Roadside Assistance?

There are various ways to obtain roadside assistance while travelling far away from home. Consider the following areas for roadside assistance coverage:

Auto Insurance Providers

Contacting your vehicle insurance company is one of the best ways to obtain roadside assistance. You can include it in your regular premium payments. Some companies also include roadside assistance as part of a comprehensive package of automobile insurance. 

Towing Companies

Roadside assistance is also provided by many towing and roadside assistance companies. Other than providing membership benefits, these companies also provide emergency assistance, whenever you need it. 

Car Manufacturers

If you have purchased a brand-new car, you might be able to get free roadside assistance during the warranty term. Roadside assistance from car manufacturer companies can be valid from 3 to 4 years with different milage. 

Apart from other roadside assistance providers, calling a towing company is best option. In order to perform in accordance with the needs of their clients, towing companies have qualified staff. The company offer services around-the-clock at some point during the year. The cost or pricing of the towing service will also be among the most crucial factors. The towing service provider also offers insurance so that while the service is being performed, the company will cover any additional loss that is sustained by the car. Another important consideration for receiving the roadside assistance is the provider’s availability. Since a towing service may be required at any moment, professional towing companies are available around the clock for any type of assistance. 

How to Find Roadside Assistance Resources

To save time and money, do your research in advance rather than hiring a towing company after the damage. Start by searching for a Calgary towing company quickly on the internet. Get familiar with the options you have; look into and assess them to have a better sense of which ones sound reliable in contrast to the ones you must avoid.

Keep the following tips in mind as you search for outstanding vehicle towing services in Calgary: 

Do Some Research

You must consider a towing company’s reputation before selecting it. Ask the people you feel comfortable around—your family, friends, coworkers, and associates—what towing services they support. But you must also remember to seek for online reviews. You can immediately look up reviews of nearby businesses on Google and yelp. Check the ranking of roadside assistance companies. Read what other people have to say about their experiences using various towing services. A company that has positive customer reviews shows that they care greatly about their clients. Although towing knowledge is extremely valuable, it no longer always ensures correct service.

Offered Services

Some towing companies provide nearly every type of roadside assistance, while others only provide a specific type of service. Before you find yourself in a bind, do your homework in advance to learn what services they have to offer.  For example, if your car breaks down at night, you need a towing company that offers roadside assistance around-the-clock. 

Check Cost

None of us want a company to exploit us when we’re in a desperate situation and need assistance. Before hiring a towing company, you should be aware of their prices.

The following are the two price terms you should look into right away or inquire about:

  • Cost Per Mile

              The cost of towing the car to whatever destination you specify is calculated per mile.

  • Hook Up Rate

              The price to attach the vehicle to the tow truck is known as the “hook-up rate.”

Obtaining an estimate from the towing company prior to the service is one of the finest strategies to prevent surprises. This will offer you a good notion of the price of the service. There is no reason not to request this estimate since the majority of trustworthy towing businesses will do so without charge. Don’t forget to request numerous estimates from various businesses to get a sense of the going rate. 

Experience and Dependability

When did company start operating? Choose a towing company Calgary that has a lot of experience and understanding. Check out the reviews and ratings they have received online. Pick a company that offers services around-the-clock. Have faith that you can get the assistance you require whenever you need it. Check the hours and days of the week when they are open because some companies do not operate on specific days, particularly on holidays. In order to assist you in an emergency, confirm if your towing company provides long-distance towing services.

These elements will aid in your decision-making. Take your time and consider all of your possibilities before making a final choice. Your safety comes first; you need to be confident that you are in the hand of competent and qualified towing company. 


Besides having roadside issues, you may have other problems with your vehicle which need professional towing services as well. Choosing a trustworthy service for roadside assistance Calgary might be difficult, but with these tips, you should be able to find the right one for you. You may avoid any unpleasant surprises by taking the time to consider your options and ask the right questions. Regardless of how serious your situation is, they guarantee to get you back on the road in the quickest amount of time possible.

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