Ruby Engagement Ring

You can express your everlasting love to your partner in a thousand ways. Whether you give her flowers, surprise her with gifts, or take her on romantic dates, there is no end to it. 

Of all the ways to express love, jewelry is still an unparalleled way to show your love to your significant other. Jewelry is loved by women of all ages, and they barely go out without adorning themselves with a piece of jewelry. 

And when it comes to pleasing your love with a piece of jewelry, the ruby engagement ring is always the first choice for every couple. Ruby is known for its association with love, devotion and passion, making it a preferred stone for couples to express their love for each other. 

Here are some of the most amazing ruby engagement ring options that can help you show your endless love for her.

Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring 

Vintage-inspired jewelry is always special and versatile. Nowadays, vintage engagement rings are highly popular because of their historical presence and timeless beauty. So, if your woman loves classic jewelry, then a vintage ruby engagement ring will add charm to her timeless beauty. 

You can add some intricate designs to your ruby engagement ring to make it look from the old era. This ring will accentuate the beauty of her finger and cover all her special occasions. If you’re going to propose to her, this ruby engagement ring will mesmerize her and make her say yes.

 Ruby Solitaire Ring

Simple and sophisticated. These two words best describe the overall presence of the solitaire ring. The singular stone in the solitaire ring is a symbol of the strong bond between two people to stick by each other. Gift her a ruby solitaire ring to convey your never-ending love for her. 

You can enhance the brilliance of the centerstone by embellishing the shank with small pave diamonds. This will make your ring one-of-a-kind and elevate the beauty of your lady’s finger.

Pear-shaped Ruby Engagement Ring

The pear-shaped ruby is unique and symbolizes the empowered and bold personality of the wearer. If your partner has a larger-than-life personality and loves unique jewelry, then a pear-shaped ruby engagement ring will satisfy her unique engagement ring desire. 

You can also experiment with your ring to make the ring exceptionally beautiful. If you want to add more sparkle and brilliance to your ring, a halo setting will be a perfect choice for you. The surrounding diamonds in the ring will make the centerstone appear big and sparkling.

Ruby Emerald-cut Engagement Ring

Why opt for a normal engagement ring? Choose something unusually unique for your grand occasion. A ruby emerald-cut engagement ring has all that your woman needs to own a stylish appearance. The emerald-cut ruby is a symbol of love, peace and hope, making it a perfect cut for lovers.

If you’re getting engaged soon, then consider designing a ruby emerald-cut engagement ring to make the celebration unique.

Ruby Men’s Engagement Ring

Ruby is one of the famous gemstones when it comes to selecting an engagement ring for men. Ruby adds a masculinity factor to men’s outfits and makes them look confident. So, if you’re looking for an engagement ring for your man, then the ruby is the perfect gemstone to express your love for each other.

Bezel setting, bar setting and channel setting are some of the most popular ring settings for men’s engagement rings.

Excited about these ruby engagement ring options? Design a ruby engagement ring for your woman to show your infinite love for her. If you’re getting hitched soon, then a ruby engagement ring will add more romance to your engagement and make your day remarkable. 

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