Rudn Enclave Master Plan

Rudn enclave is a beautiful housing society located at the heart of Rawalpindi city. Rudn enclave master plan throws a complete light on the entire planning of the society, as well as the number of blocks it contains. There are many residential and commercial plots for sale in Rudn enclave, the details of which you can get from the Rudn enclave head office contact number. With several breathtaking spots, leisure opportunities, and the Rudn enclave dam view, there is no doubt in saying that all the areas included in the Rudn enclave map are located ideally at a prime location in the city, sharing a closure with all the major city areas. There are many noteworthy projects in the history of Pakistan real estate, such as Park View City. Rudn enclave is also considered one of them as it has to create a big buzz in a very small time. For details, you can contact at the given Rudn enclave contact number.

Rudn Enclave Master Plan

When it comes to the entire Rudn enclave master plan, what you should know first is who the builders of the society are. This project is mainly owned by RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. With state-of-the-art amenities and a perfect Rudn enclave map location, the project is all set to win your hearts. There are many attractions of the project, including:

  • Secure and gated community
  • Modern life amenities and feature
  • Latest infrastructure
  • Furnished houses
  • Functional kitchens
  • Rudn enclave dam view
  • Farmhouses
  • Commercial plot for sale in Rudn enclave

The management at RMRSCO has signed a contract with NESPAK for 2 years regarding consultancy services. NESPAK itself has made sure to provide the required consultancy with its vast experience in serving many real estate projects in Pakistan. The agreement for Rudn enclave was signed for 10 Kanals, on 1st January 2020.

The overall Rudn enclave master plan states that it is not a small society, and the developers are thinking of expanding it from 10 to 14 Kanals with time. For this purpose, they are even procuring additional land. For more details regarding the booking, you can contact the mentioned Rudn enclave contact number, or the Rudn enclave head office contact number.

Details About Different Blocks

Rudn Enclave Residential Block

Offering luxury plots for developing your next residential or commercial property, at affordable rates, there is no better option than considering the residential block located at Rudn Enclave. The overall block is further subdivided into blocks, from A to L.

The following sizes of plots are offered at these blocks:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial plots are available in sizes 4 Marla, 8 Marla, and 1 Kanal, whereas farmhouses are available in sizes 4 and 8 Kanals, which are available for sale in Rudn enclave blocks D and E.

The three categories of plots offered at Rudn enclave residential block include:

  • General Block
  • Executive Block
  • Farmhouses

Rudn Enclave General Block

The general block constitutes blocks A to G. Residential plots are available in Blocks A, C, and G. The main blocks that you first get to see whenever you enter the society are the blocks that come under the general block.

Rudn Enclave Executive Block

Newly launched on the Adyala road, this block starts straight away from the road, up to the Jawa dam. The block is overall linked with Rawalpindi Ring Road and the General block, through an internal main boulevard.

Rudn Enclave Farm Houses

The farmhouses at Rudn enclave are ideal for those looking to take some me-time out of their busy lives and enjoy some peace and silence. These farmhouses are in Blocks D and E and are available in sizes 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal.

Bottom LineFor details regarding Park View City Islamabad, Rudn enclave, and other big projects in the Pakistan construction industry, contact Sapphire properties today.

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