Scuba Diving in Goa


When someone thinks about Goa, their head and mind suddenly flow to the amazing long beaches.One of the most common and most popular water sports in Goa is Scuba diving.One can experience the amazing  marine life during this activity.

Many tour operators in Goa offer this trip at pocket friendly prices.

Grand Island is marked as one of the best locations for Scuba Diving in Goa. If you are a swimmer or non-swimmer, you can do Scuba Diving in Goa. If you don’t know how to swim but want to dive then this underwater fun activity is for you. Before stepping into water one can get training. The timing of this training session is about 10 to 15 minutes. Your mentor will advise you about more details. The total packages are starting from just Rs. 2500 which is a reasonable one.

Best Time:

This is an unforgettable and amazing tour.During summer season Goa is became really hot so, the best time to plan this tour to the Grand island are the months from October to March.The spring and winter season are best for this tour.It’s better not to go Goa during summer and rainy season because undercurrent, waves can be very high during the monsoon season.You should avoid monsoon season for doing this whole activity.

Dive Sites in Grand Island:

Grande Island offer you many dive sites from sandy bays to coral fields,sea whip.You can do swimming too but the scuba diving will give you a beyond expectations experience.Here you can try snorkelling, diving, fishing and other joyful water activities.This experience will be unforgettable. The shallow water is perfect for dive.Clear visibility into the water allows you to explore sea life.Here you can explore turtles,Sea cucumbers,lobsters,colourful fishes.

Davy Jones Locker: Due to strong currents experienced divers can dive in this spot.Here you can dive with tuna,moray eels, barracuda, mullets and schooling jacks. This site is just 14 metres in water and is an amazing site for expert scuba divers.

Suzy’s Wreck:This site is attractive for anyone from beginners to advanced divers.It is a British cargo ship named SS Rita.In 1950s near the southwest face of Grande Island the ship went down.This ship is 130 metres long and lies in just 5 to 12 metres of water.Now it is a home to many animals like groupers, scorpionfish,batfish and puffers, squid,sweetlips, moray eels, etc.Here you can see barracuda.

SAIL ROCK: It is situated about 1 km south west of Grande Island.It is a fin like rocky projection.It has an intensity of 8 to 24 metres.You can see the amazing life here.One can explore large groupers,sharks,moorish,education bannerfish.Diving here is advisable for expert divers because there is strong undercurrents in the depth of the ocean.

Uma Guma Reef:This site is another beautiful site for scuba divers.Here one can swim with big groupers, tuna, parrotfish,barracuda,triggerfish, porcupine fish,angelfish,surgeonfish, etc.Both experts and beginner can dive here.


Scuba diving in Goa is safe and it will definitely be your lifetime memorable experience.Next time when you are planning to visit Goa you must try this fun activity.Here are some tip.Hope this will help you.

  • Visitors can carry their own swim costume.
  • Don’t forget to carry your water bottles because water will keep you hydrated.
  • Try to wear comfortable clothes.
  • Carry a pair of clothes.
  • Below 10 years can not do all these activities.
  • You’ll be escorted by a qualified diver. Underwater diving for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • During this activity one must follow the instructions given by their instructors and it is mandatory.
  • The swim suits are not included in the package.You need to remember this.
  • They will pick you from Arpora Junction in the morning.You need to be ready in the morning.
  • During Monsoon don”t go for Scuba diving
  • Booking is non transferable.
  • If there is any change in your plans then you need to inform them 48 hours prior.
  • On the boat you can experience many beautiful dolphins and other amazing attractions.
  • Proper equipment will be provided by the operator including an oxygen cylinder.

As a vacation place nothing can be compared with Goa.Goa is full of beaches.There are 10 to 12 dive sites in Goa which offer you amazing Sea Diving packages. Goa is full of beaches.Apart from Scuba Diving, you can do many activities like Bungee Jumping,Water Sports Combo,Kayaking, Flyboarding,Adventure Boat Trip,Visit Dudhsagar Water Falls In Goa.

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