The promise of short-term dental treatment methods like six-month smile has always attracted a lot of attention, but most people are concerned about how much they cost, and if they can afford them. Here at Chatfield braces, we offer payment plans that help everyone afford their preferred dental treatment method.

It’s not just the difference in price here, but rather our different approach to treatment that makes Chatfield Braces Clinic one of the best providers of invisible braces treatment, according to customer reviews. You can find out more on our social media page.

Considering all the treatments, the duration of six-month smiles, especially if you stick to the recommendations, is a game-changer in dental realignment. Before the computer-simulated realignment process, it would take a lot of guesswork for orthodontics experts and luck to deliver great results. But with the simulations, there is little room for error on the side of the dentists. Although the role of a patient in going through the treatment steps is vital and cannot be stressed enough. Removing the braces too often can cause a lot of delay in the realignment of your teeth. 

Who is eligible for the six-month treatment?

Anyone over the age of 16, who has gone through the preliminary stages of natural alignment in teenage years is eligible for this treatment, given their condition is treatable by the braces. The treatment is applicable in cases with mild and minor teeth misalignment, which we will go over in the following:

  • Minor cases of Diastema and small gaps between the teeth
  • Several bite issues, depending on the severity
  • Crowded teeth or mismatched front teeth
  • Asymmetry in teeth alignment
  • Any small cosmetic issues in the smile line

You can also get cosmetic dental realignment treatment with Six Month Smile if you experience the following:

  • Extrusions
  • Rotating teeth
  • Intrusions and protrusions
  • Leaning
  • Misaligned teeth formation
  • Front teeth mismatch

How Much Does 6 Month Smile Treatment Cost in London?

Depending on the severity of your case and the steps in your treatment, it may cost anywhere between £1700 up to £3000 or even higher. The factors include:

Consultation Visit (in some clinics)

While Chatfield provides free consultation visits for all Invisalign customers, some clinics run an additional cost of usually £100 or more, depending on which area in London you receive your treatment. 

X-Ray Scans and other examinations

The dentist needs to know all relevant data before starting the treatment process, so you will be subjected to a few exams to determine the health status of your teeth and their arrangement. If you have any teeth with severe decay, you need to treat them first before undergoing the treatment, or they could break or shatter from the pressure. To prevent such incidents, you undergo thorough physical examinations in addition to the X-Ray scanning. 

The severity of your misalignment case

Your dentist will decide whether the case is too complicated for treatment with six-month braces. If your case is too severe for six-month braces, another alternative treatment is metal wires and braces. While a bit crude, they offer extensive realignment for extreme cases. But if your case is moderate, and only severe compared to usual cases treated by six-month braces, your doctor will increase the duration of the treatment and the number of aligners you have to wear. Each aligner must be worn for two weeks, and sometimes you only need an extra month for the treatment to achieve perfection. Such cases don’t drive up the costs of treatment, but if you leave out the aligners too often and delay the treatment, you may need extended treatment for as long as ten months or even more.

Depending on the different variations of dental alignment issues, the six-month smile cost may vary. 

The location of the dental clinic

It stands to reason that the dental clinics that are closer to the city charge extra compared to those in the suburbs. Finding out neighborhoods with competing dental health clinics may help you in finding competitive prices and lower interest rates in payment plans.

Invisalign Provider Tier

Invisalign has a dedicated rating system for its services, which categorizes dental health professionals offering Invisalign treatment based on their proficiency and experience. Based on this rating system, more experienced orthodontists with a positive feedback history from client’s charge extra compared to those in lower tiers. But what you pay in pounds, you also save in extra dental care visits and the cost of remedying unsuccessful treatment procedures.

Six-month smile braces are comfortable!

No change takes place without a struggle, and that struggle with dental realignment is always painful. There is a certain degree of pain that you cannot avoid if you want to reshape your teeth. But six-month smile has a less painful solution in the form of plastic braces. They are not as disruptive as metal wire and are more hygienic. Plus, one of the worst problems with wires is how long it takes for them to reshape the teeth, which isn’t a problem with six-month smile braces. 

Six-month Smile braces are cost-effective

one of the biggest benefits of six-month smiles is that it is an affordable treatment. The cost of braces can be prohibitive for some, but the quick treatment time of six-month smiles means fewer appointments and adjustments, making it a more cost-effective option that delivers the same outstanding results.

Get started with Six Month Smiles

By consulting with a dental care provider who knows the different prices of dental treatment programs, you can find out how much six-month smiles save up and the exact six month smile braces cost in the UK It’s not the immediate effects, but rather the decays and further misalignment that is prevented by the treatment. 

The real benefit of a six-month smile is that it helps you get back on track to have the best possible dental health and hygiene. After the treatment, you can try and follow up on all your dental health goals like flossing every night, because these acts become more enjoyable with straight teeth.

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