Sleeve Printing For Boxes

Entrepreneurs these days have some proficient techniques to build up their businesses with considerable investments. Some really attractive yet inexpensive tactics are on the ground to serve their growth. 

Let me introduce one of them to you. People are naturally attracted to beautiful and charming objects. If the products that you are selling have artistic packaging, they are more likely to grab attention.

Aesthetically pleasant packaging is a smart way of making customers. You might have ordered a product that was delivered to you in a generic box but with an attractive cover over it. These are basically sleeve printing for boxes or products.


Sleeve printings for boxes also known as belly bands packagings are pieces of paper that are wrapped around boxes or products. They are cylindrical without any closing ends and can be worn over boxes.  

These packaging can be customized according to your choice. You can add your brand name, logo, or any other relevant information on sleeve boxes prints without the hustle of investing in customized boxes.

Whether you choose to wrap unprinted boxes with printed sleeves or use them directly on your products, your brand can be distinguished from all. 


Wondering if investing in generic boxes and sleeve printings separately would be an efficient idea!

Of course, it would be. Want to know why? Let’s find out.


Buying a customized printed box would be more costly than ordering sleeve printings for boxes. You can buy any white or brown boxes in bulk at low prices and brand them with beautiful custom sleeves.

Assist in Promoting Offers:

Brands provide some unique offers for a limited time on certain occasions. Sleeve printings can be a handy way to deal with that. You do not have to alter your custom boxes rather you can just print sleeves for the time of the ongoing offer.


Printed sleeves are easy to manage and store as compared to printed boxes. They will occupy less space in your office and can be shifted and handled without a hitch. Also, managing and packing orders can become super fast and easy. 

Attractive Material:

You can use shiny, glittery, or any other sort of eye-catchy materials for your sleeve packaging. Even that too pricey material would cost you less than getting them printed on a box. Attractive packaging is more appealing to customers.

Tray and Sleeve Packaging:

You can also totally eliminate the use of boxes by bringing in the tray and sleeve packaging. With this idea, you can only use a base tray to carry your products and cover it with a printed sleeve. This can be one unique and efficient way of product packaging.

Suitable for all Industries:

Sleeve printing for boxes can be suitable for any industry. You can customize sleeves for almost every kind of product. No matter what industry you are selling in, sleeve printings can be your go-to packaging. Toys, skin care, pet products, or anything can be packaged via sleeve printings.

Customized in any Dimension:

Printed sleeves for boxes can be customized in any shape, size, or dimension. To add uniqueness to your packaging, you can make your printed sleeve in any design or shape rather than making them only in the shape of a box.


There is no wrong in stating that sleeve printing for boxes is a very efficient advancement in the packaging of products. It can be a dynamic idea for new and old entrepreneurs to add to their businesses. 

They can not only be a budget-friendly alternative but a unique and smart way of branding. Add them to your products today and avail their benefits.

Wishing you growth and success!

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